Marty McFly wraps up Hollywood Moonbat week on “Piers Morgan Tonight”

CNN and Piers Morgan Tonight guest host Donnie Deutsch didn’t just cue up Michael J. Fox to attack Rush Limbaugh on Thursday night. They also tossed a whiffle ball named Rick Santorum, who opposes embryo-killing stem-cell research (but not research on adult stem cells that doesn’t violate pro-life ethics). To a liberal like Deutsch, Santorum is “very vociferous.” Earth to Donnie: And Michael J. Fox is moderate on this issue?

Fox said Santorum is “against science” and “against education” and “all kinds of scientific research” would be shut down by President Santorum if his Dark Ages were allowed to begin. There were no fact checkers in attendance.

What else can the liberals do? What else can they say? They certainly can’t point to their ‘sort-of-god’ Obama and start rattling off all the wonderful things he’s accomplished since they started pimping him as the ‘magic negro’ in their little newspaper articles.

Obama’s so-called presidency has been an utter disaster and blight on the history of the entire nation. The only ‘success’ they can attribute to him is their secret desire to destroy the US economy to replace it with communism. In that, he seems to be succeeding. Everything else Obama has touched has withered into ash. His record is one of absolute failure, embarrassment and fraud.

So what else can these elitists do? They’re the ones who pimped him. They whored their reputations for him, packaging this pathetic man-child as the cat’s meow, the savior, the messiah who would descend from Mt. Olympus to walk among us filthy mortals, blasting rainbows out of his candy @$$ to magically solve all the world’s problems. He was going to lower unemployment to zero, eliminate the deficit, all the nations of the world would bow down and burn their weapons to make plowshares in his wake, food would be plentiful, global warming would cease, the sea levels would lower and every day would be Christmas.

Except the liberals don’t believe in Christ.

These elitists like Fox were the ones who put their reputations on the line, selling Obama as the miracle elixir that would fix everything. And he failed miserably. Their reputations are in tatters because their ‘sort of god’ was, is, and always will be a pathetic lie.

So now they’re reduced to saying that those mean old’ Republicans are going to ‘wage war on women’, ‘ban research’, ‘ban science’ and all kinds of other phony scare tactics in a sad, pathetic attempt to trick people into looking away from the mound of disease and filth that is Obama and his cabinet.

Good luck with that. You liberals can slather all the frosting you want on the Obama pile of manure, but it’s still a pile of manure. The people are suffering. Losing jobs, losing their homes, losing hope. Inflation is skyrocketing under Obama. Gas prices, skyrocketing. Unemployment, skyrocketing. House payments, skyrocketing. Taxes, skyrocketing. Everything but their stupid rules is getting shorter and shorter, with no hope in sight that things will get any better – unless we cast out Obama and his entire cabinet in November. And the people know it.

No amount of liberal lying celebrities can cover up the fact that people are suffering, miserable and afraid. And that it’s all Obama’s fault. And the best that liberals like Fox can come up with is, ‘The Republicans will steal your soul’?

Pathetic. And these are supposed to be the ‘elites’.


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