Voting for Mitt Romney in the Illinois Primary Tomorrow March 20th

Tomorrow is the Illinois Primary and after a lot of thinking and reading I have decided to vote for Mitt Romney.  My reasoning for this is simply I think he can beat Barack Obama in the Presidential race and my dream candidates of Paul Ryan, Allen West and/or Mitch Daniels are not running.  Governor Romney is by no means my first choice.

My Rationale on the other candidates is:

Rick Santorum – On a social conservative basis, I see eye to eye with Senator Santorum on 95% of the issues.  However he seems to wear his heart in his sleeve.  If he would become the nominee David Axelrod and the Pit Bulls of Team Obama would tear him apart and make him look like he is a reactive bible banger whom hates women. 

Newt Gingrich – Sorry Newt you had your moment when you ripped the guy from CNN apart on your divorce.   If you were to become the nominee again Team Obama would use their warped view of morality on you.  In the end you would look like a Washington Insider and a misogynist.

Ron Paul – No, no and NO!!  This is the only candidate I am turned off on based on his followers.  In the past couple of months I have seen people tape, shave cream and paint the sides of their cars and trucks with Ron Paul propaganda.  This does NOT make them voters for Ron Paul it makes them look like they belong to a cult.  I have tried to have discussions with Ron Paul voters but they shout and scream you down like Obama voters or people in the Occupy Movement.  I will vote for Congressman Paul reluctantly if he becomes the nominee; very reluctantly.  I would suggest that if the GOP wins the Presidency that they make Ron Paul the Treasury Secretary, he would rip the place apart with his auditing the fed.

The only upside to an Obama win and saying there is a United States of America in 2016 is that the GOP field would probably include Paul Ryan, Allen West or Mitch Daniels. 

However, I am doubtful there will be a US of A as we know it in 2016 if Obama wins.  I am thinking we would become like Barter Town from ”Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”.

US of A in 2016 if Team Obama wins in November.

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