Seriously, does President Obama really have any idea how to fix our Broken Economy?

The Obama administration doesn’t have any mechanics trained to operate and maintain the economic perpetual motion engine. Once they got their hands on the thing it began to shake, smoke, backfire and stall out. They jump started it a few times but they can’t seem to keep it running. They stand around kicking it and banging on it with their appropriately named monkey wrenches. I heard they even tried reading the instruction manual but they couldn’t understand it.

 Our economy of the late 40’s through the early 70’s boomed for a reason. That reason being that we had just barely survived the destruction of every industrial economy in the world save one… Ours. Our corporations grew fat and signed on an unsustainable workforce in regards to what the future held. Add to that a Unionization that grew fat off the excesses of the companies that continued to agree with ever increasing benefits, and you have a situation that led to the demise of American manufacturing leadership just as soon as the rest of the world rebuilt. When we regained some strength in the 80’s domestic manufacturing wasn’t rebuilding its foreign markets, it was barely keeping pace with imports, a battle lost in the 90’s. Now we have corporations that send US technology overseas not because of the inferior nature of American workers or a lack of technology, it’s because of the government imposed business unfriendly environment which rewards the competitors of our own domestic industries. The American workforce is and remains the best place to find skilled, professional labor with access to an infrastructure that is still among the world’s best. All we have to do is get the government to stop impeding growth. This election in November is critical. I’d even vote for Romney if I have to, but Obama, Reid, And Biden have to go. And keep Pelosi from re-acquiring the speakership while we are at it.

In physics there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, but in economics a smooth running economy acts like a financial perpetual motion machine. If the economic engine is tuned and tweaked not only does it produce self-sustaining capital, if not interfered with it will pick up speed on its own and produce capital at an ever increasing rate.

The real shame is the loss of productivity caused by overwhelming government interference in commerce, trade, and individual lives. If we, through the ballot box, can get the ninnies out of our way, we can make up for lost time. Remember when the jobs were there to be worked? Remember when collectibles sold on eBay? When there was disposable income for anything but pure survival? I do.


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