Let’s Stop the Political Correctness – Obama is a naked Marxist

Marxism is a specific form of “Socialism” with certain precepts such as “public ownership of the means of production,” “material productive forces,” and One World Government.  Fascism is no less a form of “Socialism” while it does not actually claim public ownership, material productive forces or One World Government.

I don’t know if Obama thinks we will go from capitalism to communism to pure socialism as theorized by Marx. But rest assured, he wants socialism and confiscation of private property. We can safely assume he is a “Utopian” in the fashion of “One World Government,” or is he really more in tune with Orwell’s depiction of three world governments using each other as their “Bokonon.” It may be a difference without distinction.

Historicism, Behaviorism, Utilitarianism and Positivism schools of socialism may have joined the ash heap of history; but these ideas seem to form a cornucopia of vitals that make up today’s Liberal, Progressive, Communist and Socialist mash. And let’s not forget Fascism that started in the United States and failed in Germany, Spain and Italy during the early twentieth century. Perhaps Obama thinks it should be recycled? That seems to be the best theory to match his words and actions

Liberal Socialism is Fascism and is the ideology of Obama. Most people miss this and think 0bama is a communist. While he uses communists in his regime, Obama realizes that he needs industry and business to work in order to pay heavy taxes and make some jobs for the masses. 0bama will swear up and down that he’s not a communist, Marxist or whatever and serreptiously invoke a Liberal Socialist nightmare on our nation. His ultimate goal may be communism, but Liberal Socialism is at a minimum, his initial quest. If he can impose a dictatorship, retire the constitution and rule by decree (as he is beginning to do in earnest) then who knows what the ultimate result will be. Don’t think for a moment that 0bama wouldn’t lock-up his enemies in camps if he could. When the time is right, he will do just that.

He has already stated who is enemy list consists of: the TEA Party, AFP, Rush, Hannity, Beck, the Catholic Church, Paul Ryan and the list is growing.

The problem that is coming is that the longer the Progressive takeover goes on, the bleaker our prospects become of uprooting that festering philosophy. We are 8 months away from the Marxists no longer even caring what we call them. The reason is they hold all the keys to defining their philosophies to supplicant voters as they please. Picture a 10-year-old kid in 2007 as he’s introduced to the cool, new politician. He gets indoctrinated in his Marxist-run public school with the idea that Obama’s views aren’t downright un-American. Now fast-forward to 2016 as the kid goes to the voting booth in 2016 to vote for Obama’s successor. He’s 19 now, and has received a complete indoctrination all the way through high school. What’s so evil about Marxism when you don’t really even remember any other way? The voters of the future will have Marxist thinking embedded in their very “operating system”, as it were. As an aside, this is why young Palestinians can’t think the same way you or I do about Israel or the Jews. Several generations have already been lost completely to any type of persuasion we could attempt with them. It, and the problem we will soon face, is that the cure will require bedrock alteration to the education system and another generation to pass through it, before the problem is solved. This coming election is the last tipping point that can prevent us from having to go through enormous effort and civil strife.

God help us.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Stop the Political Correctness – Obama is a naked Marxist

  1. I mean Obama a Marxist? If he is Marxist, then why did he continue almost every single darn policy that Bush initiated? The only big exception is Obamacare, which would mean Romney is a Marxist too, as Romneycare is the same thing, only statewide instead of nationwide.

    Let’s REALLY stop the political correctness. You are an uneducated Racist!

    • Obama’s history reeks of Marxist Socialist teaching. Radical from begining to end, why the media didn’t presue this during the last election is a question best left to history. what we need to do now is to place his history as President in full light. every move Obama has made is of a radical socialist marxist bent. Clearly the man is dedicated to bringing this country down by whatever means possible. people, laws, even the Constitution means nothing to this man. He may have already have damaged this country beond repair.

      The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. The greatest trick the communists ever pulled was getting anti-communism labeled as McCarthyism and then ridiculed out of existence in polite company.

      We can’t talk about it because the truth has been subverted. It is all hidden agendas now. In my opinion, their agenda has been in work for at least 80 years, and it is bearing fruit. I do not think the real possibility of the “collapse of Western Civilization” is an exaggeration.

      Sort of like you, when something is said bad about the Anoited One Obama you have nothing to respond with nothing but that I am a racist.

      Sad, very sad and pathetic.

  2. Obama lied about it (HC) being a mandate, and then it became a tax. Romneycare was at the state level. Racism is the convenient term for the argument being lost. What policies did O continue other than the Bush tax cuts, he had too politically. He left Iraq a vacuum by pulling the troops out,. He blocked Jan Brewer in Az, Fast and furious? Brian Terry. Arms into the hands of criminals? Cap and tax? Curly Q lights bulbs, the GM bailout? Come on…It is not racism, we are being robbed and being sold out…not to mention all the exec orders..

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