Get out the Hankies and the Violins: The Rob, Rape, Pillage and Morally Bankrupt Occupy Wall Street Bowel Movement is Broke

As the Occupy movement attempts to make a comeback, the flagship Occupy Wall Street group is broke; an announcement on the New York General Assembly website lays out the stark reality.

This week is the week: we don’t have enough money to meet our recurring budgets. Accounting does not feel ok about spending the rest of our money on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis (i.e., if kitchen found accounting first, they could take all the rest of the money and no one else would get any.)

So, what we would like to do on Tuesday is reserve some time for a conversation about how to handle this, and hopefully from this discussion will come a proposal which we can reach consensus upon.

A movement that started morally broke is now financially broke. If they are perceived to have continued value to the November elections money will arrive from somewhere. My guess is the DNC figures Occupy did their damage and the DNC still has time to create distance from the negatives.

Now their true colors show – they are the deadbeats that they have appeared to be all along. Actually they act a lot like the government. Instead of paying cash, they have incurred bills that they no longer can pay. Unlike the government though they cannot sell bonds to China and auction off their collective souls.

The Tea Party applied for those permits, paid for them, held their protests in accordance with all local and federal laws, then cleaned up after themselves and left.

They also were so inspired by the quality of the gatherings that they got “plugged-in”, educated themselves on our country’s history and government, attended town-hall meetings, organized, sent some us to DC to hold others accountable and will save this nation from being a failed republic.

The OWS? Camped out, broke numerous laws, spread filth and disease….

Let me take a moment and try and squeeze out a tear. Yeah right. When the money runs out you will see them disappear. Most of them don’t have a clue what they are protesting about. It’s the $69 a day that has been keeping them there. Now wait for the Tea Party to start protesting this summer. You will then realize what a real legitimate protest is about. Bite me libtard morons.

This could be devastating.

Some may have to get a JOB to pay the bills.

Imagine that, Actually WORKING.

With that in mind, it’s all OVER.


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