Bill Whittle – I’m Talking to You

Let me surmise this video in a couple of sentences.  Basically, Timmy Geithner told Rep Paul Ryan that only do they realize that the Obama Administration is running up more debt and deficit every day, but also that Geithner, President Obama or anyone else in the Obama Gang of Socialist clowns does NOT even have one idea of what to do about it.

At this rate, there will be no US Economy in 2027 but probably sooner.

That WE can do one of two things:

1)       Vote everybody and I mean everybody out O-U-T  in the Obama Administration in November. Not even the White House Trash Collector gets re-elected.

2)      Or Party on Garth and wait for the Debt Train to run us all down and it will not pretty.

You rock Bill Whittle.

Hat Tip: Sarah Roman


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