President Obama – Where is the Transparency Sir?

Breaking the law seem to be fine in order to achieve Leftist goals. It doesn’t matter the President is not eligible for the office, it doesn’t matter that Global Warming data are falsified, it doesn’t matter that Leftist energy policies cause massive unemployment, it doesn’t matter that many of the Obama Administration’s tenets are based on lies… and on and on.

Never mind that we’re supposed to be a “nation of laws, not men”. To hell with our laws, Obama has taken over.

The Democrats are like the Soviet Georgians, who used to say about Stalin, who was also from Georgia: “Sure, Stalin was a monster, but he was our monster.”

The Democrats would run a mass murderer or Satan himself for a position of power if they thought he could win. Come to think of it, Barack Obama was instrumental in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of young Americans; he is well on his way to being a mass murderer. Even his “my son would have looked like Trayvon” rhetoric is like what someone says when he has a guilty conscience over abortion. Did he cause his own son to be aborted?

The Democrats are on the wrong side of every great moral issues in U.S. history are supporters of slavery, Jim Crow and abortion. Democrats are worshipers of power and death at any cost. Democrats are a focus of evil in the world today.

If an African American “Right winger” committed a high profile crime, his entire life would be made public by the press within 24 hours. His fifth grade transcripts would be revealed, his 8th grade episode of talking back to a teacher, his college transcripts, and interviews of fellow workers on every job would be on every channel.

As far as I can tell, Obama has committed a high profile crime. It’s illegal to be President unless you are a natural born citizen of the US. This deserves investigation by law enforcement and the press. Where are they?

They are in willful disregard. Most are on board with the progressive movement and agree that any means are OK if they yield the desired end. Our schools and media have been corrupted thoroughly. The media is so corrupt that I practically no longer watch it other than to occasionally see what kind of lies they are telling on a particular day. 90% of journalists identify themselves as liberals that are a major part of the problem. They live under a dome and have no perspective of what liberty even means. Their notion of liberty is having the government give you all kinds of “rights”, like healthcare, free schooling, and a minimum income for all.

Transparency was apparently important enough to the Democrat Party that they sent 70 (seventy) lawyers up to Alaska to “investigate” Sarah Palin after she was chosen by John McCain as the VP candidate in 2008. What might have been uncovered if those lawyers – and the MSM – had instead directed their efforts to thoroughly investigate and vet Barack Hussein 0bama?

And the ‘news’ people spend days digging thru Sarah’s family trash. Literally.

And libs think it is unreasonable to fact-check Obama’s history?

Makes no sense, but then, when do libs make sense anymore?

It is totally impossible to speak about any subject concerning Obama, with the libs I know. Impossible. They simply will not tolerate any discussion, no matter how carefully it is approached.

I believe now, as never before, that truly liberalism is a disease.

 Talking to a liberal is like trying to teach a mule sign language. They can’t learn, and even if they can learn, they are too stubborn to learn anything but what they already know.


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