Charlie Sheen’s Dad Rips the Republican Party

Actor Martin Sheen is joining the Democratic fight against the Ryan Budget. In a web video released Monday by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Sheen says Republicans “want to end Medicare — eliminate it all together.”

As an Actor I like Martin Sheen from “Message to My Daughter” and “The West Wing” to “The American President” and “Love Happens”.  Sheen is a very gifted actor whom always gives a good performance.  If you strip that off you will find that Martin Sheen is nothing more than a Progressive/Democrat/Obama Administration Hollywood Moonbat Tool. 

Case in Point:

What do Martin Sheen and Nancy Pelosi have in common? Answer: Neither one has read the entire healthcare bill that was passed (if any of it) and then turns around and criticizes the one person who has. Paul Ryan should be lauded for coming forth with at least a concrete plan. I personally cannot say whether it’s good or bad but then again neither can Sheen, By the way what does Sheen know about healthcare anyway?

Hilarious to see Martin Sheen argue against a proposal for a national budget. What he “knows” about the Ryan budget proposal is what some Democrat “handler” taught him to parrot.

I am always amazed at how Liberals will take the very thing they are guilty of and throw it against their opponents. Even more amazing is how many buy this scam.

1) “Our nation was in crisis” Sorry to burst your bubble, but our nation is in a bigger crisis then 4 years ago. Our nation is carrying a debt load that cannot be sustained; most of this from a Democrat President with full control of both houses.

2) “Stood against him not out of principal or patriotism, but simply so he’d fail” If you do not agree with the direction Obama is taking the country, of course you want to see him fail. Most people wanted to see his Health Care scam fail, and are still hoping that it does. Why, because they believe that it is wrong and un-constitutional; you know, because of their principals and patriotism. Liberals will be the first to defend their patriotism when they disagree with a Republican President, and the first to condemn anyone who disagrees with a Democrat President.

3) “Republicans obstructed Mr. Obama” How? The GOP was in the minority for the first two years of Obama’s term. They did not have the votes to stop ANYTHING! The only thing the Republicans did was to not vote for Obama’s schemes, thus taking away the Democrats cover for their failures. Even now the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and they have failed to even offer an annual budget (as required by law) in over 3 years. They are quick to condemn Ryan’s budget, but offer NOTHING in return. Sounds like obstructionism.

4) “End Medicare, eliminate it all together” Sorry to burst another bubble, but Medicare will end without Ryan’s plan. Medicare, like Social Security, cannot continue in its present form. The easiest ways to say it, WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. Anybody who states otherwise is just trying to buy the votes of the elderly on the backs of the next generation (or two).

5) “Give tax cuts to special interest” Tax cuts? How about tax money to special interest (Planned Parenthood, ACORN, GM, Chrysler, Solyndra,…) Even if these “tax cuts” were true, all that is being done is these groups get to keep their own money, as opposed to having their money given to Obama’s friends.

6) “We honor work, keep our promises” Tell that to the shareholders of GM and Chrysler.

All in all, just another liberal actor who would do better to keep his mouth shut.

Why is it that Hollywood stars are suddenly attempting to run the country? They have made their money from citizens who pay to see their movies. We have ignored their multiple marriages, confinement in drug clinics, shop lifting, etc. We have continued to pay to see them in movies because we want to be entertained. We are getting repaid by having top celebrities speak out in ways that will ultimately hurt the American people. I don’t care what party the stars belong to. I just don’t want individuals who can’t manage their own lives and families trying to control the way our country will be run. They need to clean up their own act; and we need to stop paying to see their movies.

Sheen can rail all he wants. The fact is that Medicare is broke and getting us more in debt as we go along. Ryan’s plan will not end Medicare for those on it or shortly to become so. But it will change the program for younger folks, who may not even need it when they come of age.
Sheen’s arguments are shortsighted at best, and aimed at shutting down much needed discussion at worst. We need constructive discussion in order to make good decisions before the country is so far in debt we lose our sovereignty. This is just like the way the president and the dems forced Obamacare through with a “my-way-or-the-highway” attitude. We didn’t like it then, we don’t like it now.

Sheen can say what he likes.  However, people can and should exercise their right of free speech to arbitrarily disregard it and question the contents thereof.  Sheen is on no higher level of credibility than any other American.  He is simply a citizen as well as a celebrity progressive shill. 


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