Do the Liberals/Progressives/Democrats just want to see an end to this Country?

We need to see the truth for ourselves and start accepting the fact that Obama is doing exactly what he intended to do all along. Stop making excuses, calling him an idiot, the dumbest man in America, why, because WE are in a position of losing everything this country stands for to a man no one is allowed to know anything about, whose actions speak volumes to the hatred he has for this country.

 At this point liberals are nothing but willing instruments to an end of the destruction of this country and whether they know it or not, accept it, or just play dumb isn’t the issue, the issue is are we going to let him succeed. He is closing the doors to our system of checks and balances rapidly, The Congress he sidesteps and renders them inconsequential, The Supreme Court he lambastes on National Television during the State of the Union speech.

We need leadership with backbone to check his power and ACT in our behalf, and a Supreme Court who takes their oath to maintain the integrity of the Constitution paramount in their decisions, we need truth to prevail. All Obama does is lie and the liberals and the MSM accept every word or are afraid to hold him to the carpet, if we don’t, in the end only one who will be laughing is Obama.

Liberalism is faith based. Very few EDUCATED and PASSIONATE liberals even know the arguments of the other side. Very few even know the main difference between the two parties i.e. libs are for govt solutions and conservatives for individual solutions.

 Liberals snicker at religion and they are profoundly religious themselves. Communists worshiped a crackpot economic system and excused atrocities. Liberals want a failed economic system and under the totally unqualified Obama seem to want the United States diminished. There is no thought to their conclusions, merely faith.

Sadly, these are the same people who smugly tell us they have “Evolved beyond the need for Religion”. They are too ignorant to realize that Marxism IS a Religion. Same as Gore-Bull warming, Multiculturalism, and so forth. They turn their backs on true faith and put their faith in their “Betters” in the party.

The cliché “It’s Bush’s fault” ignores the fact that the economic difficulties began after Pelosi and Reid took control of Congress and started passing their destructive policies. They took power in early 2007 and by the end of the year the economy was beginning to roll over.

Bush, unfortunately, was complicit; he could have vetoed the excessive spending and other harmful bills. But we must remember that Bush also teamed up with Ted Kennedy to “improve” education. Bush may have been acceptable on national defense, but his domestic policies were, from my perspective, a disaster.

Liberals are like thistles. Brush against them gently and you will encounter the sting of their sharp stickers. Grasp them firmly and you will discover that there is little of substance there. Liberals rely on intimidation to avoid substantive arguments. They will appeal to superior knowledge. They will appeal to superior motives. They will call you ignorant, or a fascist. They will make up phony quotes, facts and statistics. If you persist, they will call you “Hitler,” and run off. Like the thistle, they are mostly bluffing.

I would love to split the USA into Conservative and Liberal countries. The devil would be in negotiating the borders. Once settled, the only debate would not be “if”, but “when” the Liberals would come begging at the borders for food, fuel, and medicine. They just don’t get it.

Someone should make a movie about that, but Conservative producers are scarce.


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