Reality: There is no such thing as a “Sane” Liberal – Fox News Channel can’t even find one…

‘The Five’s’ Bob Beckel Defends ‘Hanoi Jane’

Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Geraldo Rivera and Bob Beckel – FNC’s staff of Liberal Pundits and I really USED to like Bob Beckel BUT not anymore.

It is admirable deplorable how he shows total loyalty to the Democratic Party and some of their insane policies. I just wish Bob showed as much loyalty to the American military who did not volunteer to go to Vietnam they were drafted. While Bob and people like him were protesting the war my father-in-law was in the trenches. Some of them lost lives and those who came back said Vietnam was easier than coming home and being spit on by Americans. There should be no sides on this one but bob you picked the wrong person to be loyal to.

Perhaps Mr. Beckel doesn’t comprehend the True Treason of Hanoi Jane Fonda. While visiting American prisoners of War in North Vietnam, Those prisoners, in a desperate attempt to notify their families and government of their condition, their situation and how bad it was, handed her notes in secret to pass on when she returned to the states. What did this Traitor do? She immediately turned that information over to the North Vietnamese! So, it isn’t bad enough Mr. Beckel that Fonda betrayed our country by posing on an anti- aircraft battery and supporting the Enemy, She actually did harm to our military folks taken prisoner. This is no Joke Sir! This is not made believe, to dress up as a hippy and dishonor our troops and their suffering. You should be ashamed and you owe our troops an apology. If you don’t then, you are done as far as I’m concerned.

Beckel is the typical self-righteous Ultra Liberal unable to see the forest for the trees. Very rarely does he say anything worth hearing or that isn’t in the Liberal Agenda–it’s usually all the Lib talking points. I used to think he was smarter than that too, and had at least several functioning brain cells.

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