Bill Whittle – Merchants of Despair

I haven’t Bill Whittle this angry since the “Three Years under Obama” video.

Never in my life has any president caused more rage and vitriol.

I have never been so concerned about the future of our country.

In the past, I tended to feel that the liberals were misguided and advocated the wrong policies to achieve admirable ends (improving education, reducing poverty, etc.).

No longer am I willing to concede that those on the left have those good intentions. I think they are far more concerned with power, telling other people how to live their lives (with the force of law behind them) and turning the greatest country the world has ever known into just another Socialist state. All this while richly rewarding those that agree with them (and donate money to them) and punishing those that disagree.

Working my tail off for the first years of my adult life made me realize just how ignorant my first years of adulthood were. Watching the government take money out of my paycheck and watch others collect money from same government really opened my eyes. Watching Bill Clinton look into the camera and lie to everybody watching helped much in determination that character defines us all and Klintoon didn’t have any nor did his wife. After that I realized just how detached from reality liberals are.

I then began my real education of the nature of things by reading all things conservative. I found new respect for the ancient teachings of the Bible and the writings of our Founding Fathers and those that agreed with them. I instantly realized that progressives and their demented ideology all lead to one place, a living breathing Hell on Earth be it Nazi fascism or its sibling communism where all free choice is usurped by the state.

I could drone on but you get the picture….


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