Okay, so Mitt Romney is not my dream GOP Candidate but ask yourself do you REALLY want four more years of Obama Marxism?

When I think Mitt Romney being the nominee I find myself parroting back the precise words the Leftists want us to say.

Despite what the MSM tells me and you, Romney is pretty darn Conservative. He has promised, if elected, to nullify ObamaCare, and he will. He fully understands what we want, and will not give MSNBC headlines stating “Conservatives Disappointed in Romney”. Romney has far too much character to lie to the American people, so put those doubts aside.

If you’re really thinkers, you know the Mainstream Media want to form a rift between Romney and his Conservative base; judging by the rhetoric out there, it’s working. Wise up people, or you’ll get what you deserve, 4 more years of Obama Marxism.

 How do you think Obama made his career? Have you any idea what he did to Alice Palmer who held the State Senate seat before him? Not to mention of course we still don’t have any records to show what he studied at three universities or who he really is, other than a fake book that he almost certainly did not write. All my life I was taught and followed the axiom “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Romney built his wealth from hard work, the American model. His model was to buy a stake in a company and offer the management advice to make the company a success or to grow. He also put his and his companies’ money at risk. Not that any of that matters, because only the fringe left and OWS begrudges success and capitalist opportunities. With the number of people still unemployed or underemployed I would think they would like a change from the policies of the current occupant that totally destroyed the economy and for those still working, my guess is that they would like to enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of walking on eggshells waiting for their turn on the Guillotine

So, those of you who are repulsed at even the mention of a moderate would rather sit home than defeat the Marxist in Chief? Of course I would prefer a more conservative candidate but our choice this coming election is either Romney or Obama. We conservatives are having a huge impact in Congress – just look at the 2010 elections if you doubt me. The Tea Party Leaders in Congress are forcing the Dems to debate issues they would rather not talk about – Obama’s failures are front and center even though the lame stream media tries to hide them.

The change to a more conservative government may be slower than we would like but it is happening (one step at a time). We will elect more tea party representatives in this Nov and they will make sure Romney governs conservatively.

This election is about defeating Obama – we cannot afford another term of him trying to destroy our country, especially when he won’t need to worry about re-election.

No, Romney is not perfect, but he has accomplished a lot in his life and for that, I respect him a lot. People too easily ignore his great work on the Olympics and at Bain Capital.

Here are the real questions – will any voters switch from McCain (Romney) to Obama and will Obama keep all his voters? I think the answers on both are NO. The disgust with Obama is very deep.

Ronald Reagan beat the socks off Carter because he had principles and courage and leadership. Bush I and II narrowly prevailed over dunces not because they were so good, but because they were less awful. McCain the RINO won second because he didn’t have any principles and followed instead of leading. I hope Romney will surprise us, but thus far, have we seen principles, leadership, or fight?

Sure Romney is not the best the GOP has to offer, we can all think of a half dozen better candidates right off the top of our heads. But let’s deal with reality here. He will be the nominee and we must get behind him to defeat Obama at ALL costs. We cannot allow Obama another four years in the White House whether the Repubs take back the Senate and retain the House or not. He has proven he will just go around them with czars and “executive orders.” And a floor fight at the convention would be political suicide. Romney is going to be the nominee. We MUST keep the big picture in mind here and that big picture is Obama MUST go. And he isn’t going to go with Newt or Santorum or Paul as our candidate. And that is reality and we all know it.


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