Occupy Marcher ObamaCare Supporter Rep Jan Schakowsky: Trayvon Killing ‘Modern-Day Lynching’

Breitbart TV

 On Thursday’s Ed Schultz Radio Show, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, heated up the rhetoric surrounding the Trayvon Martin case by calling it “A Modern-Day Lynching”

Video Link Here

 A man occupying the White House casting judgments prematurely, as is his habit, a press setting up courts in every newsroom voting ‘guilty ‘among themselves and shouting their verdict through the bullhorn of their media, a liberal percentage of our population feasting on the crumbs of speculation and innuendo, the complete abandoning of our laws and judicial system and the concept of innocent until proven guilty, This is what we are facing now and who would be surprised if someone doesn’t take the obvious next step and tries to execute the ‘guilty person’?

What will left’s spin on this be if this happens?

Don’t count on Jan getting voted out any time soon, she’s backed by the Machine. If you’re not familiar with Chicago politics, the politicians are called the “Machine” and organized crime is called the “Outfit.” Nobody has been able to successfully explain to me the distinction, however.

She’s a regular on Don and Roma’s show on WLS-AM, and its hoot to listen to her. She is a true believer and socialist liberal through-and-through.

What about the 49 shootings on the south side of Chicago over St Patrick’s Day weekend, 14 killed and an innocent child killed? There were more people killed than in Afghanistan. More shootings this past week. Where was the outrage from Schakowsky, Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? Not a word about this. I wonder if it was because it was a black on black killing. Schakowsky is an admitted socialist, as a matter of fact when ows was going on in Chicago Schakowsky was with the group of socialist. Time for her to be primaried and vote her out.

This is much about gun control.

The leftists figured out a way around freedom of speech with PC, “rights” and diversity laws in the workplace and media. For 30 years everyone has been intimidated to speak the truth about someone if they happened to be black or female or Hispanic or gay, or Muslim or transsexual.

The left and the media will ensure that Zimmerman is destroyed, guilty or innocent, just to plant the seed of fear. This will fuel resentment and embolden street thugs to intimidate whites, knowing that even the ones who are armed know, in the back of their minds. That they will hang, even for defending their own life or the lives of their family.

We have one sick bunch of bastards running our government and media.

If there is violence as a result of all this race-baiting, will the media hold Schakowsky, Ed Schultz, Bobby Rush, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and the host of others fanning the flames responsible, as they did Palin and the Tea Party after the Tucson tragedy?


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