Why Liberals are just so damn arrogant

Liberals are lazy, always looking for shortcuts. Their shortcut to moral superiority is just labeling themselves liberal. By sheer repetition in academia and the media entertainment industry they dominate, they have made “liberal” synonymous with all the good words and deeds while sweeping their big honking failures under that same media rug. By lib “reasoning” (and I use the term very loosely) if they are all that is good, then anyone who disagrees must be all that is bad, no matter what the actual relative accomplishments. It’s that simple. Why libs have been allowed to get away with this whitewashing of themselves and their abysmal record is a much greater mystery. I think it has to do with conservatives having lives and enjoying living them whereas libs cannot enjoy themselves unless they can force others to do their will and/or admit their vast superiority. So they spend their lives worming their way into positions that allow them to do so. They write the history books, spin the news and write the laws now.

The put down is a classic symbol of insecurity. Liberals must feel poorly inside for they seem to only gain stature by destroying others, never seemingly in their minds by their own accomplishments. We need to ask trust fund babies with names like Rockefeller and Kennedy just what it is they really have accomplished in life. Has Robert Kennedy Jr created a productive enterprise they employed people producing real goods or has Jay Rockefeller used his wealth to create and fund profit making companies in West Virginia. Doubtful since they know they have neither guts or gumption to it so they rely on the arrogant put down to justify themselves.

It’s not hard to grasp: Most liberals, though not all, are cowards. They accomplish nothing because they fear failure, fear humiliation, fear being thought inferior, and simply don’t try. To cover their fear, they adopt an attitude of superiority, looking down their noses at those who do NOT fear to fail. Not venturing to expand their horizons, to test themselves in new ways, they stay safely within the bounds of whatever they can do without much effort.

This kind of liberal has no character, depends on others for his self-opinion and lives with deep insecurity every day of his life. He constitutes the big majority of liberals, following someone else who already broke the trail.

The other liberals, those who aren’t afraid, are here for a reason: It would be too easy if we all saw things the same way. Sometimes, the liberal point-of-view is right (not often, of course, since it is so seldom based on reality). These liberals can be respected even if you disagree with them. Sadly, they are few.

It’s interesting how liberals believe exactly what they are told to believe in school and yet we, the ones that question our teachers, are the stupid ones. We believe things the teachers won’t talk about which implies extracurricular activity on our part. Stupid people generally aren’t fond of extracurricular activity. Which would make a Stupid Conservative about as common as The Questioning Liberal. The Questioning Liberal is a bit of a jackalope when we acknowledge that expulsion from the liberal ranks happens at the moment of questioning. Believing there can exist some creature called The Questioning Liberal is like saying there’s a fourth physical state of H2O that exists between liquid and vapor.


3 thoughts on “Why Liberals are just so damn arrogant

  1. You certainly have these arrested-development NarciNitwits pegged, Ferrell. I can’t take exception with a thing you’ve said here and I’ve been butting heads with them for over five years.

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