The Man puts the “D” in Delusional: Obama: I’m an Example of ‘American Exceptionalism’

The Hill

 President Obama defended his record on “American exceptionalism” on Monday, saying that his entire career has been a testimony to that core belief.

 “It’s worth noting that I first arrived on the national stage with a speech at the Democratic convention that was entirely about American exceptionalism and that my entire career has been a testimony to American exceptionalism,” Obama said at a press conference alongside Mexican president Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

 Obama’s comments come days after GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney said Obama “doesn’t have the same feelings about American exceptionalism that we do.”

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“I made a speech about exceptionalism to become recognized, so that I could get elected and proceed to systematically UN-exceptionalize America”.

Yes Obama – You have been exceptional – at hiding your past – College records – 2 yrs. to get a birth certificate – Your true relationships with Bill Ayers and Rev Wright and God knows who else – Nothing put a puppet for the socialists and commies – and yes – you have got away with it so far – but not much longer

I don’t call a Chicago, ACORN Community Organizer, and a president who uses Saul Alinsky Tactics of Marxism, an example of American Exceptionalism. I call that a student of communist, Frank Marshall Davis. You never hear Obama standing before the American people, on his campaign trail, saying, I couldn’t buy off my voters like I do, without your hard earned tax dollars. He never says, ‘THANK YOU, American taxpayers for expanding my unions with your tax dollars. THANK YOU, American taxpayers for being there to buy food stamps for my voters. THANK YOU, American taxpayers for footing the bill for the expansion of my Nanny State. American taxpayers, you really make my job easy. All I have to do is distribute your wealth to my ONE party rule, while you lose the American Dream.

Your career, Mr. Obama is based on nothing but deceit, deception, lies and corruption. You have nothing; I say nothing, in the accomplishment deportment that wasn’t given to you by affirmative action policies and nothing of your OWN merit in which to claim. Or otherwise, you would not have taken such great pains and expense to keep your past and records sealed.

Simple as that! So quit blowing smoke up our rear end about how marvelous you are when in actuality, you and your administration is despised, worldwide, for what you really are.

No sir, you are an example of what is wrong about affirmative action, where instead of working or striving to better yourself you demand standards to be lowered so that YOU could look and FEEL good. You, sir are what are wrong with America where a minority that actually makes it on his/her own is labeled Uncle Tom or sell out for actually doing it for THEMSELVES on THEIR own. I have nothing against helping those that need help but to forgo systems that are in place for decades, proven systems, to benefit those that are unwilling or just not capable of achieving the pinnacle and give THEM the rewards while you block out the true achievers that made it merely because of special interest. Arrogance is befitting you, everybody sees you for who you are a fraud. I would be arrogant too if I made it to the presidency, but you shouldn’t be that arrogant because you don’t even have the courage to put your grades and scores out there for people to see.

 American Exceptionalism is when a person rises to the top using his education, his experience, his work ethic, and belief in capitalism.   You, however, are not in that category.  You reached to where you are thanks to the people who paid your way, bought your votes, and used unethical tactics to get you to the top.   You are not exceptional.  You are taking down this country faster than anyone, raising the debt faster than any president, and are now considered to be even worse than Pres. Carter.   That’s not exceptionalism!   

President Obama is an example of how a Marxist stealthily entered into the realm of politics virtually undetected, thanks to a willing and accommodating media.

Trolls – Stand By Your Man. Convince us how America has prospered under Obama’s lack of leadership. Tell us all how much better off we are than we were three years ago. Point out all the achievements and accomplishments your leader has wrought upon us. Defend his record! Not the fluff. Just the guts of the matter. Make a strong case for his re-election based on performance, not theory or ideology. Performance. Obama picks winners and losers. Help us to pick a winner here. We can be persuaded with strong arguments. Convince us! We have yet to see the strong, convincing arguments, and we’re experiencing a lot of pain out here in the real world right now. Just, help us out here..


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