Time to CRUSH Barack Obama and the “Progressives” – Not Literally, Figuratively

Progressivism is the counter revolution to the industrial revolution of the 19th century. When the 1848 revolutions failed in Europe, disgruntled revolutionaries brought progressivism with them to the upper mid Northwest, and their political descendants have been working hard over the 20th century to turn US into their utopian vision of Europe.

But America was NEVER like Europe because we built a nation without classes and with shared power governance between people, states and national sovereignty. Progressivism just doesn’t fit our moral, economic and political values.

As the world moves toward a new, global ubiquitous, information economy, progressivism exposés itself as corrupt, outdated and ill equipped to handle the problems of the 21st century.

Progressivism will die, very soon, and it remains to be seen what kind of government fills the void: totalitarian (socialism or sharia) or republican. The choice is ours.

The first step is to dispense with the false terminology. Like Allen West often borrows “know your enemy and yourself”. “Progressive” is a pleasant sounding word for socialist. We have an astounding 70 members of Congress who are known members of the Democratic Socialists of America. No telling how many on both sides of the aisle are closet Socialists. Obama is a Communist (who considers themselves Socialists) and those he surrounds himself with are varying flavors of the same or sympathizers. Part of the cleanup will be reeducating our children about who these people are (just like everyone two generations ago recognized) and the threat they have always represented to the flame of freedom anywhere in the world they have infiltrated. The Socialists have tried to erase that history and that knowledge showing what a miserable, murderous failure it has been in every instance. Where there is no loyalty to a free market system or belief in the basic principles this country was founded on or the rule of law these people can never have intended to honor the oaths of office they took and should be removed. The next step needs to be the New Committee on Un-American Activities to educate and thoroughly vet all of the fakes and front organizations. We can start by calling it what it is and taking responsibility for allowing it to get this far when we were warned.

One thing left out of the “progressive” playbook that includes fear and intimidation is voter fraud. Cheating. Stealing elections. And they believe they are entitled to it, since they have plied the American consciousness, except those of us who see it for what it is, with a false history of voter disenfranchising coming from the right, as they have done most recently and famously in the Florida situation with the Bush election in 2000.

These people are diabolical, with a purpose, and with a sense of self-righteousness unequaled. In a free and fair election, with only properly registered voters who are American citizens, counted accurately, the Republicans would win in a rout this November. They know it, and that’s why they cheat. The fear and intimidation is the warm-up act for getting people too cowed to fight it.Obama’s little salvo of publicly trying to intimidate the high Court yesterday was an example of this. He was speaking to the masses of schemers and cheaters yesterday, and the pockets of parasites who feed off the producers of this country. Remember, this is his only “talent” and he believes he’s “got game” and that his mission and destiny are to use his talent accordingly. He is sneaky in plain sight and that makes him dangerous. He believes he has super powers and can say anything and get away with it. It is a trait of all dictators and movers of masses to illegitimate and evil ends.

We are drinking the iodine here to get rid of a bad thyroid condition that plagues America. We can hope and pray for a lasting healing. God wishes for us the best. It is up to us to do what’s best for us and be vigilant and resolute in the right ways. We know this to be our turning point as a nation. But so do the leftists. They are out in the open now, and we’ve got them on the run. Let’s finish them off in November.


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