Climate changing at Time Warner? Or People Snore, because Gore is a Bore – Low Ratings Could End Cable Deal for Current TV


Al Gore’s Current TV has bigger problems to deal with than a potential lawsuit from fired news anchor Keith Olbermann – namely not getting kicked off Time Warner Cable for low ratings.

 According to three sources with knowledge of the situation, Time Warner Cable Inc.’s carriage agreement with Current TV stipulates that, if the left-leaning political news network fails to meet a minimum threshold for overall viewers in a given quarter, financial penalties such as Current TV being required to increase marketing and promotions spending on the cable operator’s systems are triggered.

 If Current TV misses the audience benchmark in two consecutive quarters, another clause is triggered that would allow Time Warner Cable to drop the channel. The condition was built into the most recent distribution pact between the two parties, which was signed in 2010.

 “Time Warner Cable has been flirting with the idea of pulling Current off its systems for some time now,” said one of the sources, who all spoke on condition of anonymity.

I don’t understand. Where are all the excited and supportive progressives/liberals that we hear about all the time? Why aren’t they supporting Current? Well, perhaps they are, there is just not enough of them. Seems leftists can’t make much anything work unless they are taking money from the people in the form of confiscatory tax policy, and that’s not working so well either. Free market principles don’t seem to work very well for the left. No wonder they like this POTUS.

The next step in the liberal playbook is now to push to reinstitute the “Fairness Doctrine” and if they get the house try for the “Fairness and Accountability in Broadcasting Act” so they can force feed their progressive brainwash dribble down everyone’s throat.

Another lib show bites the dust. They really have nothing worth saying that makes any sense in a society like ours with its obvious history of success. Why would anyone want to put the county on the path to failed socialistic gov’t unless they were mad for power and control over others which in fact is what is behind the progressive ideology?

The truth is simple. Unlike those on the right, Progressives prefer to think for themselves. We don’t like to be told what to think. Take away their sources of propaganda, the right would spontaneously combust.

An inconvenient truth for Gore.


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