No, Mitt Romney wasn’t my first choice as a nominee

I wanted a tougher and “fire in the belly” type. At this point, the time for dissecting the candidates is over and it’s time to get on board.

The decision is stark and simple:

On the left-hand you have a leftist democrat who impresses me as anti-American, divisive and a radical Marxist bent on destruction and enslavement of this country’s citizens.

On the right-hand you have a pro-American candidate, with pro-American values and business sense who will hopefully develop the level of toughness necessary to beat back that intent on the complete destruction of America.

Presidents don’t arrive great, they develop greatness.

With America’s lowered standards and entitlements pushed for decades by the left, and the childish expectation of a magical messiah to pop up out of nowhere…it’s hard to entertain the concept of a less than 100% perfect nominee developing in to something greater.
Romney is far from perfect. He was not and is not my first choice for the Republican nomination. He does not carry Conservative principles – he has people who can carry them for him, much as he does not mow his own lawn.

And this much more I know: Another four years of Barack Obama and this place will resemble “Thunderdome” more than it does “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.

We can take a chance with Romney, and hope that he brings his business skills to bear upon the crisis at hand, or we can continue with the arsonist Obama, the modern day Nero, a man who is not fit to be elected dog catcher in a town without dogs.

Romney will be the nominee for our side. So ask yourselves this: who do you want in that office? The current occupier, an incubus who lays in wait, who has sucked and feasted on the body politic until we can no longer wake up to strike back? Or…someone whom we can hog tie and mold to our demands to restore this nation which is dying before our eyes? Whom do you think will respond to the Tea Party? A man so arrogant and above it all that he has the breathtaking gall to declare the Supreme Court dare not reverse a DEMOCRATICALLY imposed bit of filthy fascism which has been rejected by the majority of Americans, the very DEFINITION of democracy? A man whose calibration of his success depends heavily upon despair, misery, hatred, and fear? We have so hungered for a righteous conservative, a purist, another Reagan, someone, anyone but what we have now, that we are forgetting his opponent. And what four more years will do to us. Yeah – I get it. We are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, as the saying goes. But just remember this: Obama is the evil of two lessers. And the evil is what we must concentrate upon. He is evil. He is a carrier. He is contagion writ large. His wickedness will metastasize. It will no longer bear even a resemblance of containment. It will become “flexible”. He will “flex” everything he has in his arsenal and send forth more contagion. And his troops will stoke our frustration and anger because we did not get what we desired in our quest for the perfect nominee. They will use our scorn against us and will show our enemies how we are in disarray. Fool them. As much as it kills all of us, we have no choice but to unite with our most imperfect general because we will no longer have many opportunities to battle for our future. All of us had better suck it up real soon. And GROW UP. Throw them off balance. Do the unpredictable. We will have plenty of chances to beat up our guy for not being all we had hoped. But he has to get there first. Ask yourselves this: do you think Romney would NOT have responded properly when millions of Americans demanded an unpopular piece of legislation be abandoned? That alone should be the most critical measure of his qualifications when the alternative has already shown us his malevolent resolve.


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