Our “Man” Obama: Republicans Will ‘Poison Our Kids’

Washington Examiner

 President Obama suggested this evening that the Republican governing agenda will lead to “poisoning our kids” with pollution.

 “I believe that it is part of our solemn responsibility to future generations that we look after this planet; that we make sure our air is clean and our water is clean; that we’re not poisoning our kids,” Obama said at a campaign fundraiser tonight. That credo came as he explained that “the contrast between visions in this election could not be more stark, because I believe that America is stronger when we’re looking for one another.”

Obama’s line evokes his Associated Press speech this week, when he said Republicans believe that if the government “let businesses pollute more and treat workers and consumers with impunity, that somehow we’d all be better off.” Mitt Romney, at his Associated Press luncheon speech, dismissed Obama’s “rhetorical excess.”

Obama’s redundant speeches prove that he has absolutely nothing new to offer.  It’s just the same old tired and fallacious rhetoric that he is using to divide and rule.  He considers the public too dumb to realize what he is about but he will probably be quite surprised by the amount of knowledge the public displays in November when they send him his eviction notice from the White House and he will go to wherever it is he’s going “wagging his tail behind him”. 

Destroy in order to save from destruction. Spend in order to get out of debt. Borrow and print in order to strengthen the dollar. Waste money on failed green energy projects in order to be energy
independent. Tax the job creators in order to reduce unemployment. Give Iran a nuke in order to assure world peace. Sue the states in order to achieve border security. Give the New Black Panther Party a pass on everything in order to assure domestic tranquility. No wonder Democrats are so proud!

And I believe that YOU could care less about clean air and water but only use it as a way to bring in the big campaign bucks.

The sad thing is there are people who truly do care and they think you are being honest with them and don’t understand that most of what you say is dishonest manipulation.

How many flights does it take to get your family to their vacation destination? And don’t forget the dog Bo, who had his own flight because there was not enough room on the previous two jets…..

We have watched your ACTIONS now for over THREE YEARS and they rarely match YOUR WORDS.

The communist unions have seen to it that kids aren’t taught US History in public schools (most of them are so dumbed down they don’t even know who we fought in WW2), there are no classes to teach kids how our different levels of government work and when they graduate they can barely read. They end up being prepared for nothing, but they sure know what their entitlements are and how to acquire food stamps, welfare, and unemployment. It looks to me as if our children have been poisoned for a long time now.

Obama is right about one thing though, the contrast between visions couldn’t be more stark in the upcoming election; we can either vote for liberty and our Constitutional republic, or we can follow him into communism, slavery and darkness for the next century.

Desperation will bring out ridiculous statements like this, and the closer we get to November the more ridiculous it will get. Starving Granny, pushing her over the cliff, kicking people out of their homes ( all of which Obama will be responsible for) will be used to paint the Republicans as non-caring boobs, when in fact they are trying to save this country from financial disaster and preserve our freedom. 


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