President Obama to Women: ‘Progress is Hard… Sometimes Things Move Backwards’


 “I don’t need to tell anyone here that progress is hard, change can come slow, opportunity and equality doesn’t come without a fight. Sometimes you have to keep fighting even after you won some victories. Things don’t always move forward, sometimes they move backward if you’re not fighting for it”

Obama is perpetually in campaign mode and whatever he utters is primarily his refusing to accept responsibility for what goes wrong – and so far that’s just about everything he’s done or failed to do.  He operates on the principles that if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.  Hopefully for an ever growing number he is doing neither. 

Mr. President, your definition of “progress” is “hard”, because we thankfully have something called “Checks and Balances” in our system of government… The Founding Fathers saw you coming over 200 years ago…

We have been taking a step backwards ever since you took office.  First there is a healthcare bill which is going make waiting rooms look like a zoo. Second you have gone after states who are trying to do something about immigration of which you have no plan of your own other than total amnesty. Last we have a national debt approaching $16 trillion with no end in sight, and we haven’t had a budget in over 1000 days. Now you want to be re-elected so you can move us forward. Yeah right Skippy.

The POTUS always has his inept, incompetent, amateur, brain-dead answers for his inept, incompetent, amateur, brain-dead voters. The rest of us just sit back and shake our heads wondering how they’re able to find their way out of bed every morning. It doesn’t get any more stupid then this.

Change has come alright and it’s exactly what you’ve been doing to push America back. And every day I see more insanity from this guy. I don’t mind saying I’m scared…man is this year going to be long…


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