The Guy that calls himself the Attorney General Wages Guerrilla War on Pro-Lifers

Washington Examiner

 Justly regarded as the most aggressive abortion defender to ever occupy the White House, President Obama has spent two years prosecuting pro-life advocates, using the Department of Justice as his weapon.

 This campaign is so legally groundless that a federal judge recently ordered the DOJ to pay $120,000 to one of its targets, a pro-lifer caught peaceably distributing anti-abortion literature outside a Florida abortion facility.

The American voters are watching the Battle between Good and Evil being played out in the U.S. Government. Eric Holder and Obama are fighting against God, not against republicans. They hate humanity and God’s creation. Population Control is one of their main concerns, because in their sick twisted and warped minds, they think human beings contribute to the SCAM of global warming. They are telling us they serve the prince of darkness and want nothing to do with Christianity, morality and Capitalism. Their hatred for God, Christians and Conservatives are growing deeper by the day, because they consider us the main obstacle and road block to their one world global paradise and counterfeit world of anti-Christians. It’s up to each American to expose what’s REALLY going on and vote the enemies out of office. God expects us to fight the good fight against evil, because He’s on OUR side.

If they can tell the Catholic Church to provide contraception in their institutions, then they can tell them to provide abortion in their hospitals. First will come the abortion pill – not quite as gross as the major operation that is a regular abortion, but that opens up the door to abortions right up to 10 months and beyond. Remember that state Senator Barack Obama supported nurses and doctors murdering any babies who escaped d eath when their abortion didn’t work out right.

If Obama can tell Catholic Hospitals to have abortions, he can tell them to get rid of all the crosses and all the bibles and all the religious images that are important to Catholics. (Obama already had that done when he spoke at a Catholic university.) When we read that they were drinking imitation blood at the White House Halloween Party and that Obama doesn’t like crosses, I concluded that Obama must secretly think he’s a vampire or something.

If Obama can dictate anything he wants to the Catholic Church in America, then he can dictate anything he wants to all other religions. He can then exempt anyone he wants, such as all the mosques, for example: Obama’s power given to him by ObamaCare makes him King. He can theoretically tell anyone and everyone having anything to do with medicine or insurance what to do, and he can exempt any of the same. THAT is why ObamaCare should be unconstitutional – because he has so much unstructured power. Did Congress pass a law to place abortion into Catholic Hospitals? No they did not, but the law effectively made Obama a dictator over the entire health care industry anyway.

For their agenda to succeed, liberals must marginalize — if not outright destroy — all people of faith. It has been often said that if one reads the Bible, especially the New Testament, it will make him or her conservative. Liberals oppose nearly everything that is taught in the Scriptures.

The biggest lie of all was “tolerance” as put forth by the liberals. The principle was that all people of faith had to accept that all faiths were equally valid. The concept was designed to destroy all faiths. If you can get people to believe that, then they are denying whatever truth they believe their own faith teaches. Of course, the liberals themselves will accept nobody’s faith as being valid.


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