Time for Conservatives to stop being Totally Intimidated by the Political Correctness of the Left

The left has been extremely successful in using the media, the arts and entertainment, and academia to define the debate in their terms. Compassion, in the broader culture, MEANS socialist government welfare programs. Reason inherently excludes matters involving religion and theology. Marriage MEANS sexism and unrealistic, old-fashioned, prudish, and hypocritical sexual morality. Science MEANS philosophical naturalism, Darwinism, and anthropogenic “climate change”. Conservatism MEANS racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry.

That Marxism is based on demonstrably false historical analysis, flawed economic assumptions, and has proven in practice to lead only to brutal, tyrannical, dictatorships is kept out of the narrative by the media/entertainment/academic gate keepers. And since apologists from Marxism sit in all the chairs of all the economic departments of all the major universities, most people in the culture at large assume that they, therefore, must be the smartest folks in the room. The same holds true with the debunked theories of postmodernism, Darwinism, and environmentalism.

The climate-gate e-mails demonstrate how these gate-keepers have squelched intellectual debate, doctored and falsified their data, suppressed contrary evidence, silenced, held back, and even ended the careers of dissenting voices.

The brilliance of the gate keepers is not in their reasoning, their science, or their credentials. It’s in their ability to use our money to fund themselves in their roles shutting out conservatives from their institutions. Our entertainment dollars fund their control over the movie, television, and music industry. Our tax dollars, handed out as scholarships and student loans as well as EPA, research, and educational grants, fund their control over the halls of academia. Our tax dollars handed out as welfare payments fund their efforts to destroy the family.

Our challenge is finding ways around these gate-keepers. We need to locate the cracks in their crumbling empires (because they ARE collapsing) and break through to those people who only get their information and form their opinions based on what the media, the arts, and the academy tell them.

It takes money and an effort. The left has long enjoyed control of the media, pop culture outlets, and academia. That’s three primary social institutions. And they guard them. It isn’t as simple as encouraging young conservatives to take up a career in those industries. Being openly conservative is an easy way to make sure your career never takes off in them…

The internet has helped crack the liberal stranglehold on the news media, but it will take financial backing to put a dent in the other two.

It can be done. I think probably fairly easily if conservatives are willing to finance it: Conservative themed movies and TV shows can flourish just as alternative internet sites and talk radio have. Americans know Hollywood and elsewhere on the left think the majority of them are ignorant backward thinking boobs. Shows that fight that stereotype can do well. Well-made religious fare can also win big.

 Academia will be harder to crack due to blackballing in the hiring and tenuring process, but funding of conservatives encouraged to pursue a career in the humanities in higher education coupled with a concerted effort to publicize the lack of diversity on campus across the nation can work over time.  Problem with this idea is the average “Joe” has been brainwashed into thinking that Conservatives are mean-spirited, racist, blah blah (the typical marxocrat meme).

Somehow the brainwashing has to stop on two fronts:
1. Stop brainwashing our kids
2. Deprogram all the adults who have been brainwashed by the marxocrats.



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