The Heart of America’s Future is at stake in this Election

Many people throughout the world and of course here in the U.S. have wondered how someone without a relevant executive or even legislative background could have possibly been elected president of the most powerful nation on earth. Race even trumped feminism within the Democrat party as they saw there was enough guilt stricken whites who could be beguiled into getting him elected.

Hype and guilt will not work this time around since everyone understands exactly what they got. This election will truly be a watershed event. If re-elected it will become crystal clear this is no longer the nation it once was, and the great generation heroes whose lifeless bodies bobbed around in the surf at Iwo Jima and Normandy will be rolling over in their graves.

He will be free to jerry rig the system by escalating legislation by regulation and among other travesties, we will likely end up with amnesty for the illegals which will make future elections meaningless. If one of the conservative or near conservative justices leaves the bench during his last term, the game is up.

My fear is many Republicans think this is 1964 and it isn’t. Romney may not be everything we want, but the gap between him and Obama is so stark, thinking Republicans and Tea Partiers need to get over it and put their time, money, and enthusiasm behind the only chance we have to hang onto our country.


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