Hey Democrats, Liberals and Progressives. How about we talk about Jesus and how you are warping what he was about okay?

Jesus, the Lamb of God. Not a Community Organizer

Democrats see Jesus as a “nice guy” and a Mr. Social Reformer, I see him as the Messiah of the God of Israel. He kept the Sabbath, preached the Torah, and was observant to the commandments until the day he died. Democrats mock the faithful and the primitive sky god, only seeing him as a vehicle to rubber stamp government behavior under Social Gospel.

Jesus did not create a single agency.
Jesus relied on voluntary giving.
In the Second Temple period, tithing was the vehicle of social aid. Theocracy.
Jesus would clearly not mandate a faithful pay for contraception. Obscene.
Right before Lev. 19:18 is verse 15. The poor don’t get partiality in court either simply for being poor. It cuts both ways.
How about Deuteronomy 15:6?

As far as failed theories, how about Cash for Clunkers, Solyndra, Obama’s FAILED stimulus, California, GM and Chrysler, Detroit, the Soviet Union, Cuba, China adopting free markets, and the collapse of Greek entitlement? How about our MOST RECENT Egan downgrade of the US?

Never before have I imbibed such a breathtaking cocktail of blindness to one’s own failings adulterated with scriptural illiteracy only a Liberal could muster.

Something about plucking the plank out of one’s own eye…

Also, sorry, but Jesus wouldn’t condone $15.6 Trillion in debt either. At some point we can’t keep saying ‘yes’ to everything. Someone is going to have to go without or have to get something less than what they were accustomed. Yes, that will likely include millionaires and billionaires too. Everyone, everyone has to contribute. Everyone who works should pay at least $1 into the federal and state tax system. Those who continually have their hands out asking for more should be willing to contribute more also via their time or other talents. It is not mean-spirited to ask for or even to demand responsibility. Jesus expected individuals to act responsibly, to not steal, to not covet their neighbor’s property, etc. We have to maintain a balance between helping our community and preserving our individual liberties and property rights.

I missed the New Testament book that said we should send most of our work product to Rome and have them dole some of it back to us as the Roman rulers see fit. I’m pretty sure Jesus was teaching us to do good deeds for the poor directly.

Let’s keep Marx/Mao/Lenin/Stalin/Che/Castro in the dusty outdated books of failed theories. Let’s keep Jesus out of the business of making us all dependent serf’s to a corrupt oppressive state.

I guess Democrats believe Jesus would support partial birth abortion. I can just see that now. Jesus watches as a baby is almost totally out of the womb and then…… BAM! ….. A pair of scissors is thrust into the baby’s head to kill it before it’s fully born.  Yes Democrats…. Jesus would side with YOU on that……..In a pig’s eye!

Jesus WOULD NOT favor the government tax man that the Obama Administration seems to be so fond of, either.

Nor would he favor people physically able to take care of themselves, stealing money from their neighbors for their own support.

The government is incapable of supporting the people of this country, without the private sector. Taxing and regulating the private sector out of existence is counter-productive. So is our national debt.

To keep running up an unsustainable debt, that will eventually bring everyone in the country to their knees, is beyond irresponsible…it is evil…is this legacy you want to leave our children?

How do you think Jesus would feel about us knowingly and with forethought, leaving a legacy of poverty for the future’s children?

I think he’d be disgusted.


2 thoughts on “Hey Democrats, Liberals and Progressives. How about we talk about Jesus and how you are warping what he was about okay?

  1. I think you and I read the same gospel. As I recall, Jesus said to give Caesar only what belonged to him. Jesus never said we should demonstrate in front of Caesar’s palace and demand that the government feed the poor. Keep writing these words.

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