Obama Tool AG Eric Holder: ‘Instances of In-Person Voter Fraud Are Extremely Rare’

“In recent months, the divisions voting section has taken crucial steps to ensure the integrity, the independence and the transparency of our aggressive enforcement of the voting rights act.

And as we signal through our recent actions in South Carolina, in Florida and in Texas, we will continue to oppose discriminatory practices.

We will continue to oppose discriminatory practices also while vigorously defending section 5 of the voting rights act against challenges to its constitutionality.

Now, let me be very clear. This administration will do whatever is necessary to ensure the continued viability of the voting rights act, our nation’s most important civil rights statue.

As Dr. King so often pointed out, in this great country the ability of all eligible citizens to participate in and have a voice in the work of government is not a privilege. It is a right. And protecting the right, the right to vote

This means we must support policies that are aimed at modernizing our voting systems and ensuring that all eligible citizens have access to complete, accurate, understandable information about where, when and how they can cast their ballot

And preventing and punishing fraudulent voting practices. It also demands that we engage in a thoughtful and truthful dialogue about where we should target our efforts. And where solutions are necessary.

Now, we might begin by acknowledging the fact that instances of in person voting fraud are extremely rare. A point from groups of different political affiliation have acknowledged… to the Republican Nation Lawyers Association have affirmed.

Now, despite its rarity, any instance of voter fraud is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Department of Justice. There is no dispute on this issue. “

So if I go around decapitating people with a broadsword you’d be OK with that since its extremely rare for people to be beheaded in public?

How is he to know if there is no requirement to provide proof of identity?  Since Chicago is well known for dead people voting, and San Francisco for ballot boxes appearing in the San Francisco Bay just to name two recent voter fraud cases involving thousands of votes in just two cities… this isn’t enough?  Could it be that Holder himself is a beneficiary of voter fraud?  After all look at the voting record from his legal residence and that of Obama and the new Mayor…of Chicago…where voter fraud has been SOP for over 100 years.

Then tell me, Mr. Holder, why Democrats in at least 5 (count ’em FIVE) are either in jail because of stuffing the ballot box, under indictment for stuffing the ballot box, or under investigation for stuffing the ballot box, if it’s so rare? The sole Republican convicted of voter fraud voted in the wrong precinct. Tell me again how rare it is!!!

I guess that explains all the uproar over Acorn and their subsequent defunding by congress as a result of the voter fraud perpetuated by them in 2008. Or how about the 4 Dems just last month that were charged. Google voter fraud in the USA and see what party get the most hits.

Holder, for someone in your position, you seemed to be the MOST UNINFORMED person I know of. Voter fraud, voter intimidation, fast and Furious…etc. etc.Dang Holder, tries to use a little intelligence and thought when you lie to try and make interesting and not so obvious and blatant.

The real problem Holder has is the fact that the American electorate is beginning to not trust that elections are honest and not being tampered with.  How do you make a statement like “instances of in person voting fraud are extremely rare” if you can’t and won’t identify voters?  It’s only rare in his mind because he knows how often the democrats do it.  They usually just have the SEIU rig the machines.  It you don’t think that is true Eric, ask Harry.

Whenever a politician says “Now, let me be very clear” that means ‘now let me lie to you’.  I guess that Holder was asleep when former Acorn members were found guilty of voter fraud.  Also, when Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse along with Bart Simpson not only registered to vote for Obama but also contributed to his campaign.  Not to mention all the deceased people rising up to vote for Obama. 



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