Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Generations

Kids these days. The number of young people who deny the Moon landings is increasing. But can you blame them? The education system is failing today’s children, so one cannot be shocked when young adults deny the existence of the Apollo program. Some are surprised to learn that there really was a ship called the Titanic, and many do not even know when World War II happened. How can we improve education? Bill Whittle gives today’s kids a simple solution.

Bill Whittle stands apart from most in your generation. Congratulations and well done. I am afraid though that you are one of a very few.

 In this age of entitlements the drive that was so unique in Americans is mostly gone replaced by a reliance on government and a government that sees you as so mentally impaired that you cannot be trusted to live your own life. From cradle to grave you are taught that you are so special that government has to take care of you.


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