From Melting Pot to Multiculturalism in One Generation Flat

From melting pot to salad bowl; this is the mantra of multiculturalism. The whole idea of a different kind of society that was to be formed in America is almost nonexistent today. We have transformed America into the Balkan states of North America. Since the multiculturalists have convinced so many people that they should be proud of their race, or ethnic background instead of being proud to be an American their intended new definition of what it means to live in the United states these days is just that, a salad bowl, where the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, croutons, bacon bits, eggs, and dressing all sit side by side in a large bowl without having to give up their own identity. Actually, they all fight to be separate from each other.

At one time in America, it was accepted that once you got off the boat, you left the old world behind and mingled with all the other types and tried to become a piece of the large jigsaw puzzle that was forming within our borders. Learning English and to read and write and thinking of new and ingenious ways to make a living used to be the norm. There was real competition and no time to complain about how things were so unfair.

Not so anymore. The idea of becoming a melting pot, where everyone from everywhere had to give up some of their old ways to make this society a better place to live than the one they came from is a flash in the pan. Too bad. White pride, Black pride, Female pride, Hispanic pride, Gay pride, Asian pride, Male pride, and all the other types of pride being celebrated today are gutting American pride. I guess it must be true that pride comes before the fall.

At some point we as individuals must stand up to them, at some point each one of us must say to them, out loud and in public “I will not play this game anymore!” and be prepared to suffer the consequences of bucking the progressivism wrecking ball.

This is why we keep losing… fear.

Fear of losing our fortune,
Fear of losing our public reputation,
Fear of being labeled

Fear is the death of freedom.


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