Jimmy Carter: Good Faith Inept President; Barack Obama Bad Faith Inept President

Say what you might about Jimmy Carter and the inept presidency, but at least Jimmy was acting in good faith. President Obama is the personification of bad faith.

Jimmy Carter was deluded, but at least one never thought the country was at risk.

Obama’s bad faith is breathtaking. For instance, he constantly and loudly proclaims fealty to and concern for the “middle class,” yet his economic policies are calculated to destroy it. Who is hurt by the continuing economic downturn? The poor have their government benefits. The Warren Buffetts of the world only worry about whether they are paying their “fair share.” It is the “middle class” whose jobs are lost, whose companies fail, who no longer have a future.

The coming — after the election — Weimar-style hyper-inflation will hit the “middle class” hardest. The poor will rely upon government checks, fully indexed for inflation. The rich can buy hard assets, like gold, silver, and land, to protect themselves. The “middle class” will see their 401-K’s and stock investments rendered worthless.

Obama’s strategy is to extend income-support programs into the “middle class.” That is the real meaning of his expansion of Pell Grants and of the mortgage-support programs. The expansion of Food Stamps is no accident.

When such programs are part of daily “middle class” life, they will never be removed and will crowd out any overseas military adventures like Iraq. We will soon — if we are not already — live in a society in which half the people depend upon a monthly government check for survival.

How dare you call Obama socialist? Nothing Obama has done has not been purposeful. He is not a man “over his head.” He is just a calculating and devious man.

The “faith” that Obama portrays is to the liberal progressive special interest ideologists, who seem to enjoy taking turns under the bus for this clown. Obama campaigns to college students who have not experienced the life lessons learned from the “real world”, and his economy, and who know nothing but the flush times they grew up with. Ginning up animosity is easy. Providing working solutions is not. It requires work, integrity, and tenacity. Obama is a lying, egomaniacal coward whose “win at all costs” approach will further divide a nation in need of unity. I would like to see Obama address audiences of working private sector adults for a change

Perhaps the biggest problem with the inhabitant of the White House is his willingness to lie about anything or anybody if he thinks it will benefit him; with great conviction and a very deep voice. This is then compounded by the failure of the press to inform the public when he is dishonest. Instead, the press repeats his lies – giving them much more credence with the public. Can there be any doubt that a Republican president who lied like this guy would have been quickly destroyed by the press?

It is critical that Republicans in this election have the guts to call him what he is (a serial liar and a fraud) and consistently point out every lie he makes. When the general public sees the entire press repeating his statements without correcting them, and the Republican Party refusing to call him on his lies, anyone who DOES point out his serial dishonesty is easily dismissed as “crazy” or “tin hat wearing” or an “extremist.”

It will be very difficult to win an election under such circumstances: Where the other candidate is willing to lie regularly about anyone or anything and our side won’t even point out the truth.

Yes, Jimmy Carter was intelligent, but he was never “smart” and cunning like Obama. If Obama is re-elected — and he has gotten the opponent that he wanted, “Mr. One-Percent,” Mitt Romney — the country will never be the same.


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