How many issues can you get wrong in Three Years and 88 Days, Mr. President?

It was another bad week for Obama. The news about the space shuttle Discovery. That was a sad sight for me this morning, to see America’s pride being airlifted to the Smithsonian. It was another sign of the transformation of America that Obama promised.

If we stay on the path that we’re on today, all the things that made America the greatest country in the world will only be found in our museums.

Obama is playing out of Lenin’s playbook pushing wealth re-distribution, class warfare, and hate the rich agenda. Lenin yelled in 1917 Russia “ROB the ROBBERS” and angry mobs stormed thru the Saint Petersburg streets murdering unarmed Imperial/Czarist Russian policemen, who were mostly God Fearing gentlemen. Obama is not a gentleman but a Marxist with no decency, ethics, honesty, mercy, pity or honor.

Yesterday, forty masked SEIU union thugs/OWS Marxist students marched on Starbucks coffee houses in New York with lead pipes and smashed windows just like Hitler’s SA. Clients jumped under the tables to protect themselves from flying glass and our media did not say a word. Last year, SEIU union goons stormed a banker house with bullhorns and torches screaming silly slogans and scaring the children.  Now we have a Stalinist Show Trail starting in Sanford and Obama had taken sides and has declared that Trevon was like a son before any knowledge of innocence or guilt. The Red Queen is shouting punishment now and verdict later and the press is fanning the flames.

Obama is not pretending that he is not a communist and I find that curious. After 80 years of corrupt Bolshevism in the Soviet Union and twenty million innocent and helpless Russians and Ukrainians starving to death on the most fertile soil on earth, (after their wealth was re-distributed by Stalinist Commissars), and Obama and his Chicago Democrats have learned nothing. I am sorry, but the Liberal/Progressive label that Democrats are defenders of the small/little working man does not work anymore because we have a Leninist running our White House. This has never happened before in American history and I find this frightening.

I was a Democrat in 1980 when I voted for Jimmy Carter through voting for Al Gore in 2000.  Those days are done my friends, so never vote for a Democrat again.


5 thoughts on “How many issues can you get wrong in Three Years and 88 Days, Mr. President?

  1. Barack has only been in office 3 years and 3 months. Your heading is 4 years. That is the closest you come to being accurate and the truth in the whole diatribe.

  2. Obviously, the “Ferrell Gummet” is a despicable racist.
    “it’s not about race!” it’s not about race! it’s not about race! it’s not about race!


    It’s has EVERYTHING to do wit race. You a-holes won’t admit it,All yu’ve done what prove my point that not only you don’t know American history, you don’t know the meaning of said words!

    Anyone who hates Obama is a racist is a FACT! and stop with the BS double standards. If blacks don’t like Romney, it’s becasue of his policies, not his wife, not his religion, not his birth certificate or other things about Obama you racists lie about

    he isn’t homosexual.

    Marxist. Marxist. Marxist.

    Absolutely no connection to the reality of who Barack Obama is or how he’s governed. (Captialist) But hey…..

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

    He’s been observed drinking BEER during Ramadan. How’s that for being Muslim?

    Obama is NOT muslim, if he was, he isn’t a very good Muslim. And you a-holes AREN’T very good Christians, in fact. Christians are the farthest thing you scumbags are.

    I never met him, but neither have you! so you can’t be certain of his gentleman-ness

    The hatred for Mr Obama posted here is depressing.Yes, the motivation for such hatred could only be racism. Mr Obama is an extremely intelligent man who only puts out positions that are well thought out, rational and carry the support of the people. P.S. look up the word “racist” Pointing out other people’s racism is NOT racism!

    • I am saying that Obama is a Socialist/marxist and THAT has nothing to do with race. You are more than welcome to take your comments to Daily Kos, I am sure that you will be welcomed there with open arms, a hug and a big warm glass of milk.

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