Is Obama inspiring Anger rather than Hope amongst us?

In the 1850’s a small group of agitators in the north and the south took it upon themselves to misrepresent, doctor up and outright lie about things to stir up the large majority of the population and inflame regional resentments. Both sides wanted to work out their differences rationally but a relative handful on each side thought they could achieve unlimited power by stirring things up. A war would settle everything in one grand and glorious battle and all the problems would be solved, they said. Four years later 600,000 men were dead. The winter after the end of the war, almost half of the former slave population had died of exposure and starvation. Reconstruction, the Democrat enforcement arm KKK, Jim Crow laws, black codes and segregation lasted another century. All the results of a small minority stirring up division in their efforts to grab power. Does anyone doubt that Obama will hesitate to pull those levers again?

It is almost like 0bama wants to start another Civil War. It would be a complete breakdown of the current social order and would allow him and his minions a once-in-a-millennium opportunity to install themselves in positions of power. “Never let a crisis go to waste”, remember? They want permanent power, lest anyone misunderstand. Nobody can convince me that this bunch cares a whit about individual liberty or freedom of any kind of choice for anybody but themselves. Further, nobody can convince me that this bunch would not welcome a violent upheaval if it allowed them a chance to take over in such a way that their control would never be challenged again. This all sounds so harsh to our ears, this sounds like something we would hear about some far-off fiefdom or banana republic. But these very totalitarians have been infiltrating our own system for decades and if we have any aspirations toward maintaining any recognizable measure of liberty, we must defeat them. At the very least, we must defeat them politically but that alone will not cause them to give up. Their defeat must be ideological, moral, complete and blatantly obvious to anybody paying attention. (No use expecting them to acknowledge it. Libbies never give up.) In short, Obama’s Civil War, should he succeed in igniting it, is going to have to blow up in his face like the rest of his misbegotten policies.

We the People have an opportunity in November to BEGIN the recovery of the bright shining city on the hill. Note please, ‘begin’. The ‘progressives’ have spent over 100 years putting their ‘beliefs’ into place, not just in politics, but in the schools, the media, and the entertainment industry and so on. We the People cannot hope to reverse that in one election, or even in the next few elections. We the People had da*need well better gird ourselves for a struggle for the hearts, minds and souls of America that will last longer than we individuals will probably be alive. But we dare not falter or relax for one instant or the ‘evil ones’ guided by the Father of Lies will leap into that breach, and our children and grandchildren will find themselves fighting this same fight.

Fortunately, surrender is NOT in a Devil Dog vocabulary.


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