The Planet of the Imposing Angry Liberals

Liberals are statists demanding compliance for some new world order that has no proof of requirement but at the same time they have not experimented to determine if such shall work without trying it on a smaller scale. Case in point, producing ethanol from wood at a Georgia factory built with mostly Fed and state money. Failed!!! A liberal idea that failed and there is no proof ethanol could be extracted from wood on a large scale and no real proof it could be done on a small scale.

Only a liberal would experiment with other people’s money and then turn around and rant flat earth stupidity. A conservative would say most of the money should come from investors to protect taxpayers from bogus science created by liberals and con artists. End result, a liberal who invested in the ethanol plant bought the failed company for fewer 20 cents on the dollar and Obama can’t blame Bush.

In my world liberals are creative, conservatives are logical. I’d rather be methodical than curious with the taxpayers money. Rome fell because of pagans aka liberals. The USA shall survive so long as we keep creative criminals at bay because that’s what some of them are. I think these rich liberals are fleecing the system with no regard for putting country first. Creative if you want to steal the future but the logical know what works can be determined not by rushing but instead by being methodical and smart.

The big lie of liberalism is that it is hardly “liberal.” Rather than being true to its dictionary definition, meaning freedom (from the Latin līberālis), modern day liberalism is all about statist control. While liberals try to fabricate the notion that they are about freedom on some social issues (abortion, homosexual marriage, etc.), what they really advocate in those areas is licentiousness. On the issue of abortion, moreover, their concern for the freedom to choose completely ignores the freedom to choose of the unborn child, half of whom are women.

The liberal’s entire agenda is about control over every aspect of our lives. It is sharply ideological, elitist, and rooted in the imposition of control by society over individual behavior in the quest for a perfect utopian society. Note how the liberals cynically use an issue like contraception to fabricate a “Republican War on Women,” when it is their agenda that is anti-women, anti-men, anti-children, anti-unborn. Unlike conservatism which is a way of viewing the world and is based on experience, liberalism is an ideology because it attempts to take an idea and impose it upon the whole of society.

A liberal expects to have his view of the world applied onto others, thus achieving a form of utopia in which all is equal and thus “fair” even though such an ideal is impossible to achieve. They see the uniformity being imposed, and for the extremist views, by law and force, as acceptable and to be desired by the masses even if they do not know any better for themselves.

They often in their insecurity have a self-imposed superiority to conceal the fact of their own hate turned inward and thus desired as control outward of what they deem to be the wrongs of the world and society.

Conservative views see the world for the flaws inherit in it, yet hold to the fact the individual can succeed to the fulfillment of their desires and limitations as they wish to, with commitment and perseverance. Society as a whole is one where freedom and rights of the individual are maintained, while a common good is kept in balance against it. (Such as the Constitution calling for national defense and limited powers while all else is given into the hands of the States).

In the liberal view – the society must take precedence over the rights of the individual.
In the conservative – the individual is guaranteed rights, first and foremost, in EQUALITY to all.


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