Wait, I thought the President of the United States was supposed to be a hardworking, pull them up by the Boot Strap type of guy – Not a Rock Star.

In 2008 we elected our first “American Idol” president. The electorate was sold on empty slogans from a candidate whose past was widely unknown, by design, and who had a stunningly thin resume. And yes, Sen. McCain was not the best candidate, but his own personal sacrifice in service to his country alone would have gotten him elected fifty years ago.

Many Americans have worked hard, have sacrificed, and have taken the harder road to become not only more successful in terms of financial remuneration, but just plain better-to be the best they can be. Why should this not be expected of someone who is seeking the most powerful job in the world?

What is even more distressing is to see someone like Mitt Romney, who did not simply inherit wealth-he, EARNED it, being pilloried because of his success. You never hear anything about scandal in his life. He is clearly devoted to his family and raised what seem like five fine sons, has been phenomenally successful in his business pursuits, and was an effective Governor (whether you agree with his politics or not.)

Although I’m in a field that I will never be wealthy, although I make a comfortable living, I greatly admire what this man has accomplished. I also greatly admire the fact that Ann Romney stayed at home to raise her kids. I hear from the President, himself, that was not an option for him and Mrs. Obama, although their earnings clearly put them in the upper tax bracket. My wife is a Home School mom.   We have also been blessed with her handling of money, but that decision has been the most important of our marriage and it has been a blessing. It is far more important to raise two decent, hardworking and God Fearing human beings than to acquire more material goods. We have constantly had to “cut across the grain” in raising our son and daughter-it is not easy to constantly monitor and filter out and/or fight against the filth and narcissm prevalent in our culture.

How sad it is we have gotten to the point that enormous personal success disqualifies a man like Mitt Romney in the eyes of many of our citizens from leading this nation through a very precarious chapter in its history. Too many would rather foment resentment of others more successful and cheap excuses for their own failings. I’m resigned to our inevitable decline as a country. It makes me very sad, not so much for me, but for my young son and daughter.


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