Dear President Obama, Where is the Friggin’ Recovery?

There is no “recovery.” The idea of a “recovery, albeit a slow one” is part of the media and academia partnership to portray the current administration as “leading the U.S. out of the mess inherited from the previous administration.” I should add that Wall Street is an equal partner in the Great Recovery Deception because the larger corporate entities, particularly the international ones, know that consumer optimism is the fuel of our society’s economic engine, and the best way to artificially stimulate consumer optimism is to create the impression that “things are getting better, every day.” It has worked to a degree, perhaps because of the perfect storm of perception management created when the major players are all shouting that the Emperor’s new clothes are splendid and flattering: the current administration, the federal legislative branch, Wall Street, the media, the entertainment industry, and academia all have a vested interest in trying to convince our nation’s consumers and taxpayers that “the worst is over, and steady economic gains are finally occurring … a bull market is right around the corner … the jobs picture looks to really take off this summer.” And last summer, and the summer before that, yadda, yadda, yadda … but the jobs picture is still lying there on the ground. It’s all a load of bovine excrement: there is no recovery. Yes, several of the disparate economic markers have shown sporadic improvement, but the overall economic process is stagnant. All you have to do is ask 100 average Americans, “What do you think of the recovery?” Even the half of them who are still employed will say, “I see little evidence of any recovery, and less evidence that our government’s policies will bring a recovery about.” That’s the way it goes, but don’t expect to see it reported on the evening news.

Business has zero confidence in President Algae and the Democrats.

Some businesses and job-creators are on a capital strike until Obama and the Democrats are voted out of power in November.

The deep debt in which the U.S. has been plunged (5 trillion dollars’ worth under Obama) is deeply troubling to anyone with any awareness of economic reality.

Furthermore, with increased energy prices, a devalued dollar (thank you Democrats for QE2), Iranian nuclear ambitions, the rise of Islam-fascism, and the collapse of the Euro, the U.S. is one international crisis away from another round of deep recession/ depression.

Who on Earth would borrow money; mortgage his home in order to expand his business with a deceitful, dishonorable, world-class lying Marxist in the White House, intent on bringing this quivering Republic into the abyss of his stinking mire and the economic filth of his chosen political environment??

 The Supreme Court Justices remarked: “We’re not stupid Mr. President!!” The small businessmen of this nation who could end your failed attempt at lifting up the nation’s economy within a few months– but Mr., President, they have zero faith in your ability, they are just too intelligent to trust you to do anything but fail. That’s 100% of your record of public exposure.

In a word Mr. Obama, you are a loser!! And, lie as you might, you cannot hide it from the American People.


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