Hey Dave, what’s UP? Axelrod: “Reign of Terror from the Far Right”. Uh, thanks, Dave I’ll check in later when your meds kick in.


AXELROD: “I think a lot of Republicans in Congress want to cooperate, know better, but they’re in the thralls of this reign of terror from the far right that has dragged the party to the right. In your own polling and other polling, you see the Republican Party has really moved out of the mainstream.”

The problem with Mr. Axelrod, and those like him, is that people will believe what he says regardless of how blatantly false it is.  They lie, misinform, take things out of context, don’t present credible facts, and the liberal media eats it up and presents it as the truth.  I know people who have stated they don’t listen to Fox News because they say Fox News lies.  When asked for a specific example, they can’t cite one, or say well that’s what we read in the NYT or heard on MSNBC or CNN (which as we all know are completely unbiased news organizations……aren’t they?). 

Obamania Whacko Syndrome (OWS) is rampant among the liberal media outlets.  The only cure is large doses of common sense, which the OWSers refuse to take.

The entire country has been under a 3 ½ year reign of terror from left-wing extremists, compliments of the Chairman Obama regime. What used to be the demo-rat party had been taken over by the Communist party that has renamed itself the “Progressive” party. In November we MUST put an end to this reign of terror and kick these communists out of power. 

The only reign of terror we the people are feeling has to wake up and find out this administration is still in office. I can’t get any more terrified knowing my kids and future generations aren’t going to have anything because you people made sure that would happen.

It is about time that America is coming to its senses. There is one very good thing that Obama has accomplished in his short career. He has made the agenda of the liberals very clear, and America says NO. We are finally demanding that our politicians stand up for conservatives in America. We will no longer suffer their compromise with liberals and democrats.

By the way, DAVID, what moving van do you want sent to the White House after November?  Looks like the American voters will be sending a big moving van to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!  We can’t take anymore wasteful spending from your party.  Start packing, the party’s over!!


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