No Progressive Hypocrisy here – Earth Day Protests Leave Garbage in San Francisco

Huffington Post

Happy Earth Day everybody! This was the scene at Fort Mason Park in San Francisco after Earth Day activists were through partying.

San Francisco may be the greenest city in the nation, but some residents have a funny way of showing their appreciation.

On Earth Day, Marina district residents took their celebrations a little too far, leaving behind a Fort Mason disaster zone.

The 99¢ crowd will always live the gypsy bohemian life-style constantly looking for new pristine gardens to trash. Normal people just view this as ‘envy’ or ‘lack of responsibility’, but I’m convinced that there is a column(s) in the psychopathology matrix every one of these pigs fall under.

I have never met a liberal yet that doesn’t exhibit discombobulating, disheveled appearance, repulsive hygiene, blaming others for all of their failures and a knack for uttering the dumbest statements possible.

There’s no excuse for the mess these folks leave behind. It’s the same crowd that preaches to our kids about recycling that do this kind of thing. It’s also enlightening that every time I’ve seen someone throw garbage out of their car they’ve either had an Obama sticker or some other kind of leftie sticker on their bumper. The last one we saw had an Obama/Biden sticker. They’d pulled out of a McDonald’s drive thru and we watched them as they threw out their receipt, the straw wrapping, and then, a burger wrapping! And that was all within the first block. My son said that I’d better get past them or they’d be tossing out their half-finished soda next!

Typical Liberal hypocrisy. The “green activists” are in actuality spoiled rich kids who expect others to clean up after them, but convince themselves they’re good people because they worship the earth, rather than the actual Creator. Funny how it is people like those “evil” Tea Partiers, constantly demonized by the Lefties, who actually leave parks cleaner than they find them after their rallies. Way to go Greenies. Showing your true colors – and Green isn’t one of them.

Didn’t these people have mothers? I can hear it right now, “I didn’t raise you in a barn! Pick this place up! It looks like a pigsty in here!” Oh yeah, Mom was out on the protest march herself. I guess we can understand why libbies need so much government to keep them in line. They have no self-control on their own.

“Earth Day” is nothing more than Lenin’s birthday with an eco-cult shell. Communists have never respected the environment. The worst pollution in history was produced in the Soviet Union.


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