Three Years and 95 days late and Trillions of dollars more in debt: Obama: ‘It’s our turn to be responsible’


We’re here only because somebody somewhere felt responsibility not just for themselves, but they felt responsibility for something else, but they felt responsibility for something larger. They thought about their neighborhood, they thought about their community, they thought about their country — now — they thought about the planet. Now it’s our turn to be responsible, it’s our turn to keep that promise alive. No matter how tough these times have been no matter how many obstacles that may stand in our way, I promise you North Carolina, there are better days ahead.”

Here are the latest reasons that the Democrats have proposed for being reelected:
1.) A white Hispanic in Florida defended himself.
2.) A white-Native-American and one white-white criminal murdered 5 blacks.
3.) A Buffet-Bill that would raise $5 billion dollars in order to reduce the deficit to ONLY a mere Five Trillion nine-hundred and ninety-five billion dollars! Democrats call that “progress”.
4.) Mrs. Romney raised her own kids at home.

-Race wars, campaigns against parents raising their own kids, and tax gimmicks.

That’s ALL they the Democrats have left. They don’t have any new ideas to solve the country’s many problems, and all their old ideas failed miserably.

Obama’s rhetoric is redundant and tiring. It is stale and his delivery is weak. There is absolutely nothing “hopeful” about it. He’s sounding like Jimmy Carter. His platform is one of vilification, blame, and dire predictions of gloom and doom should he not be reelected. That’s compelling? Obama has not offered “any” plan for the next four years except raising taxes, in the sense of “fairness”. Fairness for whom? The government? The Buffet Plan, along with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, “and” the implementation of the tax initiatives contained in ObamaCare, will crush the Middle Class. What a plan! Not one word about cutting spending. This from a guy who jets around the world taking vacations while telling Americans they need to forgo theirs and accept “shared sacrifice” for “the good of the state”. Only a loon would vote for 4 more of that.

Responsibility begins with an “attitude of gratitude”. Barack Obama and Michelle, both benefited greatly from living in the United States of America and reaping from her all she could give. But they were not grateful; they felt it was “owed” to them. That chip on their shoulders is very obvious in their lifestyle, their public comments, and last but not least, his policies. Policies intended to take down the very country that gave to them so freely. Because instead of gratitude, their sense of entitlement says we owed it to them. The Liberals all harbor this same lack of gratitude and in its place a sense of “entitlement”. Society owes them because they are, people of color, economically handicapped, suffer a gender crisis disorder, came from a broken home, the list is endless of excuses why people feel entitled now rather than grateful. When we are grateful, we feel a sense of responsibility. We OWE because we reaped benefits that we were not entitled to, but were made available to us. Our responsibility to the society that benefits us is to carry ourselves with dignity and self-respect, to have a positive impact on society, to give back what was given to us. Herman Cain gets it. Allen West gets it. Mitt Romney gets it. Risk Santorum gets it. In November, we need to remove the “you owe me because.., agenda with an agenda of grateful Americans who know that we live in the greatest nation on earth and our society is made up of the most giving people on earth. America is about a “hand up” not a “hand out”.

Send the Obamas and their “chip” back to Chicago, Hawaii or one of the 57 other states.


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