The disaster awaiting America in Barack II

It seems every single day there are at least 2 or more stories on Fox or on the Internet (never in the Mainstream Media) of another tentacle from this administration and its minions reaching out to take away our freedoms. I try and write letters to the local papers in an attempt to alert those not paying attention to the fact that liberty is slipping away. However, the amount of stuff happening is overwhelming, so I don’t find myself able to focus as much as I feel I should. Obviously, the liberals have been planning and scheming to change this country since the beginning of the 20th Century. While most of us were working and raising families, those tentacles were underground and building strength. Now they’re out in the open with new ones appearing every day. And it’s always: ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! Everything that has made us the greatest nation ever.

Until now, it seemed as though there were enough people to fight back. However, we now have a population in which 48% of the people pay no income taxes and more people are joining the government rolls every day. We have class warfare promoted by the president based on one of the seven deadly sins — envy. Actually, if one looks closely, much of current culture is buried in the seven deadly sins. How tragic and depressing!

We have accusations of racism against anyone who dares to present a counter-argument to any assertion by one of the so-called elites. The other side is constantly in attack mode (just glance, if you can stand it, at DWS). We have a Republican Party that doesn’t seem to really be in the fight to win and return us to the country the Founders gave us. Most now seem to be in a retreat mode, fearing the increasingly infuriating liberals who are supposedly only 20-25% of the population and always ready to “reach across the aisle” regardless of how weak it makes them and the country. And the country now holds little promise to future generations other than insurmountable debt.
I am really, really worried for the country. Not just about Obama, but beyond him- the very fact that he can be the undeniable and unmitigated disaster he has been thus far and still have half the country wanting more of it is shocking to me. The way that capitalism, republicanism, constitutionalism, and personal virtue and morality are openly mocked, ridiculed, and is being assaulted and chipped away daily is troubling. For the first time in my memory, we have a President who not only does not promote American exceptionlism and values, but downplays them. Unlike every President before him, who despite their faults still were cheerleaders for America and inspired people to love the country, this President points out our faults, blames us, apologized for us, and regards us an just another shape on the global map. Rather than speak in unifying themes, he divides us, pitting us against one another by race, sex, religion, economic class, age, ideology and any other way he can.

The truly alarming thing is, Obama did not arise out of a vacuum; the conditions for his ascension were already in existence. I fear that Barack Obama is but a symptom, a result, not the root cause of the problem, and we are in for a long, tough haul long after he is gone to turn things around if ever we are going to.

It was inevitable that this country would one day falter as its foundation was built upon sand. No society of man can ever expect peace and joy, justice, true compassion, and the multitude of blessings from God by placing within its foundational structure the lie that all false opinions have equal weight as the truth and that one has a civil right to pronounce, propagate, distribute and defend lies as the First Amendment to the Constitution claims. That lie is blasphemy against God who is the only truth and that lie has been the source of the incremental destruction of the rest of the foundations of this country. Jesus Christ said he is the way, the truth, and the life. Without Jesus Christ as the foundation of human society it can only struggle for a time and then it will die. 


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