Could Romney-Obama become a “Latter-Day” Reagan-Carter election?

In 2008, Obama was elected because:

1. He was not George Bush
2. John McCain was a pathetically weak candidate
3. The country wanted to prove that racism was dead
4. He was shamelessly hyped by the MSM
5. The economy was in decline. Bush owned the problem.
6. We thought he was a strong speaker.
7. Liberals were all fired up.
8. Independents who decide elections in this country were tired of Bush & Co.
9. He promised an administration that would end divisiveness and lack of transparency.
10. Students and other young people were consumed by the mass-hysteria, the hero-worship. The drama of the event.

For all that he only won by around 5% – not exactly a landslide.

But now…

  1. Bush is not running
    2. John McCain is not running, almost ANY one of the current contenders is a far stronger candidate.
    3. We’ve done that, now we need to prove that we’re not brain dead.
    4. The MSM is in a steep decline. Few people take their hype seriously anymore.
    5. The economy is even further down the hole and Obama owns the problem.
    6. We now know that he is just a Teleprompter-reader NOT a speaker.
    7. Even liberals are disgusted by what they have seen. They won’t vote conservative but many won’t bother to vote at all.
    8. Independents who decide elections in this country are way tired of Obama & Co.
    9. Obama’s has been the most partisan, divisive and non-transparent administration ever.
    10. The students and other young people have mostly now entered the real world and are faced with the realities of getting a job, paying taxes. Their hero has proven himself to be an empty shell. The drama has ended. The blind, adulatory enthusiasm is a mere shadow of what it once was.
  2. Couple of points to add to my list of reasons why Obama is in trouble:

They rave about the fact that “O’s” support among women has risen to 51% since its low in 2010 whatever that was.- Well in 2008, 56% of women voted for him so that actually represents a 5% DECLINE. With the “war on stay-at-home-moms” that number will further erode. Those that were angered enough by the “Sandra Fluke incident” were never going to vote for anybody other than Obama anyway so there’s nothing lost there.

They rave that the majority of Jews support him. – Hard to believe given his varying support of Israel and bowing to Arab potentates but back in 2008 almost ALL Jews supported him so this too is an actual DECLINE.

In 2008 the young, impressionable students were caught up in the hysteria of the moment. People (not just Chris Matthews) had “tingles running up and down their legs”. It was an historic moment…- Most of those students have now graduated and are facing the reality of looking for a job, paying a mortgage, raising kids. That’s a hysteria-killer if ever there was. The “moment” has passed; many will not bother to vote this time around. That will result in an additional DECLINE in votes.

Add this to my other 10 points above and I see a LOT of problems for Obama & Co. (or should it be “Obama Inc.” there’s so much special-interest money involved that it might as well be)

It is abundantly clear that Obama is pulling out all the stops in his headlong drive to get reelected. These measures include 1.) Going on Spanish-language TV to tell Mexicans and others outright that Republican efforts to secure our borders are, at bottom, racist; 2.) Ginning up DOJ efforts to nullify picture-I.D. requirements in order to stuff ballot boxes; 3.) Involving himself in racially-charged incidents like the Louis Gates affair and the Trayvon Martin affair to imply, none too subtly, that whites are racist at heart; 4.) Inciting dislike of Americans who have been successful and implying that they are to blame for the woes of those who are less successful; 5.) Picking a fight with Catholics in order to curry favor with pro-choice sympathizers.

It is impossible to reconcile the Obama of today with the oleaginous persona who promised in 2008 to be the president “not of red states or blue states, but of the United States.” That individual has left the building.


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