The textbook definition of freedom is an absence of tyranny. Mandated health care is tyranny.

Judge Andrew Napolitano gives the Plain Truth on why Obamacare was unconstitutional and should be repealed under any circumstances

You see liberals believe that mankind is perfectible, that the environment they inhabit is perfectible. Tyranny is a justifiable means to that end. Freedom will be restored once everything is perfect. An idealistic liberal believes that and doesn’t understand the true condition of man, including himself. That’s why his rationalizations make sense to him and he is blind to his own hubris. That’s why he sees you and me as troglodytes. The rest are just power-crazed, money-crazed opportunists.

This Obama and his “liberal” army working flat out to establish into law their design. As Obama himself has warned he is following FDR’s pattern and plan, and that of course means stacking the Supreme Court with minions of his “liberal” faction. The Court because he has the Congress already in his control.

This is what liberals know. This is what liberals designed, and this is what liberals engineered. Even the name liberal is a disguise. Their behaviors tell us they have misappropriated that name to gull citizens into believing they are something they are not, and that they have benevolent aims for the nation.

Their actions do speak louder than their words. If Americans would only listen and act in their defense against these internal, these domestic marauders…

When one man can merely decide on a whim to decree to private institutions to provide a contraceptive that is a dictatorship; that is tyranny.

The gamesmanship, the rhetoric, the semantics…Every trick in the book has been used here…

We the People are not Stupid, We the People say, “NO Dice”….NObama and NObamacare…

The road to our Nation’s recovery begins with the removal, repeal and defunding of all things “Obama”…


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