The Frequency Kenneth is Senility – Dan Rather won’t let it go and still contends that Bush 43 was a deserter…

On Monday’s edition of Good Morning America, former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather spoke with George Stephanopoulos about his new book Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News, focusing for a moment on the controversial 60 Minutes report about George W. Bush and his Texas Air National Guard service that led to Rather’s exit at the network.

Rather said he had no regrets over the story. “We reported a true story,” he said. “I am not at CBS now because I and my team reported a true story. It was a tough story, a story a lot of people didn’t want to believe and it was subjected to a terrific propaganda barrage to discredit it.”

Stephanopoulos asked Rather whether there was any way to know the entire truth without all of the documents.

“No, what story does anyone know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Rather replied. “But we reported the truth and that is that President Bush–later President Bush–when he was in National Guard service, he was at least AWOL and we had a top general in the Army saying on the record he was a deserter. Now everybody makes mistakes. I made some, President Bush obviously made some. But because we reported that story, they put heavy pressure on the corporate entity and the corporate entity voted.”

Dan also wrote the article “Eight Signs of Alzheimer’s That You Should Be Aware Of”

Of course there were thirteen, but Dan didn’t remember the other three…….


Oh look…… a bunny!!!

Dan, Dan, Dan … We had this conversation already. Listen up! George W Bush is no longer President. He has not been President for over three years. He is retired, living out his life in peace and privacy. You, on the other hand Dan are stuck in the past, continuously trying to validate your irrelevant story. Forget it Dan. You have no credibility left. Even if your story were true, which it isn’t, it doesn’t matter anymore to anyone except you. Listen up again … George W Bush hasn’t been President for over three years. Now please go home Dan, sit in a rocker on your front porch, and quit bothering people.

A PRIME EXAMPLE of how the DNC-fed media (Dan Rather included) wants us to pay more attention to President Bush than to the CURRENT “occupier” of the WH!! This tactic is what they HOPE to have people target their emotions on (among many other topics) before the Nov elections. Let’s stay FOCUSED on the PRIZE….Sending BH O PACKING!!

One may ask, why do the leftists keep bringing up Bush. He is no longer the President but the democrats and leftists cannot brag about Obama record because it is a record of dismal failure. So when not bashing Romney for being a Mormon or calling Conservatives names, they drag out Rather to talk about Bush National Guard service and the forged records that Rather produced as facts. Turned out to be nothing but lies and he was fired along with Mary Maples and CBS apologized for the lies of Dan Rather.,

Socialism is a mental-illness that’s spreading within the leftwing party, and Dan Rather has a bad case of mental-illness. They refuse to get help, and the results is Dan Rathers, Al Gore, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Lawrence O’Donnell and other leftwing nuts all over the country. It’s like a plague or disease breaking out within the Obama zoo.

Well, Dan can join Al Gore, Helen Thomas, Arlen Specter Jimmy Carter, et al, in illustrating the frantic attempts to win back credibility and relevance in the face of obsolescence. This leads to ever-increasing paranoid-fantasies about dead-horse issues, and laughable revisionism.


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