Mitt Romney, please run don’t walk and make Rep Paul Ryan your VP Nominee

The vice presidential nominee has several duties–ability to aid the nominee in getting elected, bring some essential ability to the table, and be seen as able to become president in the event something happens to the person elected president.

I think Paul Ryan would be able to meet those requirements easily. He would ease pro-life concerns about Gov. Romney’s past positions, he has experience on Capitol Hill and he is not a political lightweight on the national stage.

Mitt needs to address the nation’s financial state head-on. Our nation is running up debt at a rapid pace. The Federal Reserve is creating money with nothing to back it up. If Mr. Obama is re-elected neither of those situations are likely to change.

When our nation’s financial house of cards collapses, Medicare and food stamps are not going to be exempt from massive cuts. Thanks to Obamacare, a plan is already in place to deal with the elderly population. The “death panels” will just refuse to extend life-saving care to the elderly past a certain point. Do you really think a sympathetic media will take the government to task for allowing the elderly to die? The elderly who experience the reality of Obamacare will not be around to vote in future elections.

As for the Feds money making operations: each dollar they create makes the money we own worth a little less. We are paying for the Feds counterfeiting operation every time we buy gas or groceries.

The Obama economy can lead to the defeat of many Democrats in November if the Republicans put it in terms that the voters can understand. They need to put it on the issue of how it affects the voter’s savings and health care.

Paying off America’s debt and building future prosperity is more important than being POTUS. The debt degrades America’s ability to defend herself and to lead in world affairs. How can America tell China how to behave when America’s children are mortgaged to the Reds?
Cometh the Hour- RYAN will fix the budget.


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