So, let me get this straight, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Fellow Travelers….

I am supposed to be MORE concerned with how Romney spends HIS money than how Obama is spending mine? (And my kids’, and grandkids’, and great grandkids’, ad infinitum….)

Class warfare is the last, most desperate strategy of the failed Obama regime.

Obama’s presidency, by ANY objective measure, has been a disaster:

Economy? On life support.
Businesses? Afraid to expand or invest.
Unemployment? Still too high.
Housing market? Worst since the Great Depression.
National deficit? @ $1.5 TRILLION or more every year.
National debt? We added $5 TRILLION in the first three years he was in office.
War in Afghanistan? A failed mission from a failed president who just TODAY signed an agreement to keep US troops in that hell hole for another DECADE at least.

And the ignorant, gullible liberal stooges drink up his propaganda straight out of the punch bowl.

So you don’t think the government should be run like a business? Then by all means vote for Obama who knows nothing about business except ways to steal from it or thwart it or drive it into bankruptcy. Just remember, it’s those very corporations and small businesses that provide Americans with jobs. Fewer corporations or small businesses = fewer jobs.

Funny how when Democrats want to tax and take more money away from businesses or from individuals who actually EARNED that money, it’s called a government “subsidy”. But when they want to GIVE OUR taxpayer dollars away to special interests and businesses like Solyndra, it’s called an “investment”. The American voter is no longer fooled by these semantics.

 There is an old saying that goes, “We get the government we deserve.”

We voted into power a man with ZERO business experience; a person who lacked even a fundamental understanding of how businesses work and why they expand their work forces. And now even many die-hard liberals are “surprised” at his ineptitude?

Grow up. We asked for “hope” and “change” and that’s we received.

Unfortunately, as Obama learned with Solyndra, “hope” is not a business strategy.

Want more jobs? Want more prosperity? Then elect a man that knows a lot about both.

I can’t believe that we, as a nation, were actually shallow enough and stupid enough to give the keys to the Cadillac to a man who had absolutely ZERO management experience and who had never worked a day in the private sector in his entire life.

It seems to me that if our top priority is to rejuvenate our economy and create lots of new jobs, maybe we might want to put someone in the White House who’s actually been wildly successful in the private sector, who really understands the economy and the financial markets, and who knows how the real world works outside the DC beltway.

Vote for Mitt Romney in November.



One thought on “So, let me get this straight, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Fellow Travelers….

  1. Government is not a business. Herbert Hoover was a great businessman, but a lousy president. As far as keys to the Cadillac, Ann Romney has both sets.

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