Obama 2012 Campaign Slogans from #Obama2012Slogans

Forward” – please look to our promising future rhetoric, not back to our failed past reality!

Hobbled by a staggering lack of judgment & competence!

We hate the “rich – even if they are attorneys, Hollywood actors, or Liberal politicians – oh wait, that’s not true!

Our debt grows at $3,000,000 a minute, because our spending rate is $5,000,000 per minute!”

We can’t let kids run lemonade stands—they might turn into successful business people!

Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace, Obama is a good President

We don’t call them illegal aliens – we call them unregistered Democrats!

Debt, fear, envy and blame!

Four More years of EPA crucifying businesses, GSA partying, Me vacationing abroad while my bodyguards stripper humping.

Things are bad and will never get better but you got yourselves a one cool prez who can slowjam the news.

America doesn’t have the resources for immigration enforcement because I used the money on my lifestyle of rich & famous!


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