The End justifies the Means – The Left will always believe they are right

What the left fails to recognize is human nature. Poverty is a great motivator. The old adage, “give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, and he feeds himself” is a classic truth. What it fails to point out is that if you repeatedly give a man a fish every day, he will stop trying to provide for himself and not only wait for the fish, but will eventually come to feel entitled to it and demand it, and ultimately resent the one giving it if it’s late in coming. When the one giving it decides he can no longer afford it, the receiver will hate the giver and accuse him of being greedy. Thus is the nature of humans. For decades, liberals have been giving people what they should have been giving themselves, not only creating dependents but enabling them to become virtually unemployable. Dependence is allowing the poor to have way too many fatherless kids, is rendering even basic education unnecessary, demands no skills, penalizes mothers who marry and create a two-parent family, promotes indolence, substance abuse, and worst of all fosters a resentment against the givers.

The “Left” believe they are always right; therefore, they never have to apologize for their destructive ideas. They also have no intellectual capacity to explore or understand alternative views. Liberals would rather be right than happy. Rightness is self-destructive, creates unhappiness and perpetuates the liberal need to change everything in their world to achieve utopia.

As much as we hate these liberal whackos… they sure know how to create the result they desire. They have incredible (almost other-world) stamina, and dedication. At the end of the day – they can win because they are in a ‘religious’ mode, which replenishes their resolve from day to day, week to week, year to year, decade to decade. I might be a bit right of most people, but I truly believe their influence comes from an angelic being we know as ‘Lucifer’. You may not want to believe in demons and evil spirits, but I can tell you something supernatural is preventing common sense from prevailing in the face of some pretty basic and self-evident facts.

History will show that Obama and his cronies overplayed their hand. As soon as he was inaugurated, he turned up the heat, and the frogs came flying out of the pot in the form of the Tea Party. People who had never paid attention to politics were suddenly in the streets. The pushback was seen in the 2010 elections and will continue in November with Obama’s defeat. His defeat, as Churchill might say, is only the end of the beginning.

Obama’s time on stage is about to end. He will look like a complete fool by November with the campaign he is attempting to run.


One thought on “The End justifies the Means – The Left will always believe they are right

  1. Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: a Biblical Study by Ronald J. Sider. I recommend this book to all. The message is quite simple. God will judge us one and all by how we treat the poor among us.

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