Their ratings are catching up with their ethical standards CNN’s Ratings Hit 10 Year Low

The era of the old media is over. CNN had the lowest rated month in eleven years in April; the last time CNN had ratings this bad, the date was August 2001. CNN had a grand total of 357,000 viewers, and just 108,000 in the crucial 25-54 age group. That puts them off 21% in total viewership and 29% in the 25-54 age groups for the year. Fox News, by contrast, was up 2% to 1.1 million viewers overall and 1% to 273,000 viewers in the 25-54 group. MSNBC held steady with 425,000 viewers and 139,000 in the 25-54 age groups.

All of CNN’s shows have taken a massive hit. John King USA lost 41% in its 25-54 age group. The shining star of the group was Piers Morgan, which was down only 14% at 9 p.m. In primetime, CNN was down to a two-year low. Fox News was even from last year, and MSNBC was down slightly.

CNN started its decline when it “stopped” journalism and went into the business of “supporting” one side of the story. Just read their opinion page….or look at their guests. They have leading Democrats reporting on what the Republicans should do….how they are a bunch of misfits….and all the polls show how they are in decline….even in 2010 election, they were predicting only a slight gain the House and surely not enough to gain control. When you don’t have “journalist” you don’t have quality of news; a one-time great news organization being left behind.

They will become liars and deceivers for their own end. Twisting the truth into lies and lies into truth. They all do it report some parts of news as truth and adding a lot of their own opinions. They talk way too much .Like court cases before they even start. These are to be private matters not blabbed to the whole world they have a lot of court cases tried and convicted before they even start. The whole system is corrupt they all do it every one. Of these stations. Everyone has seen and heard these opinion reporters. So yes ratings will fall. Americas eyes have been open the reporting journalists are in front of the peoples camera now

These liberal media outlets are simply being understood for what they are – a propaganda arm of the liberals – they are a far cry from anything considered a true “news” outlet or known for any kind of truthful and honest reporting.  The more people are realizing that the more their ratings will fall. People are getting tired of the lies and the liars.

The American public is just doing what it always does with slanted liberal media, rejecting it. While CNN deserves props for pioneering the 24/7 news cycle, they have tossed journalism for acceptance in the media elite at a viewership cost. When Piers Morgan is your shining star, how high up the ladder were you really expecting to go? This is why liberals need government to force you to be in their programs, if given a choice, hardly anyone would participate and liberals are very aware of that fact.

Note to the liberal propaganda sites. Lying is always a temporary solution, and your chickens are coming home to roost.


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