Flushing Out Occupy Wall Street

A couple of questions about Occupy Wall Streeters…

How many OWS’ers realize that corporations have gained the power they have due to Democrat fascism, Liberal Democrats are putting forth the majority of hate-speech, and corruption is rife within the links between Democrats and major corporations? Every big corporation knows that you have to contribute enough to certain Democrat election coffers to be neatly excluded by onerous Democrat-pushed business regulations that keep its competitors from thriving as they would in a free market. And never forget that it was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who claimed that certain corporations were “too big to fail” and thus their free-market natural deterioration through unsustainable business practices should be prevented through government cash handed out to those who duly pleased the Executive Branch.

Can we face facts here please?  There is ample evidence that the Occupy movement was from the first, organized by Far-Left persons: I will try to be brief.

1. Adbusters, a small group in Canada and funded indirectly by George Soros, was involved at the beginning.

2. Then, there is the Communist; SEIU affiliated Stephen Lerner, a visitor to the White House. His stated plan was to bring down Wall Street, the banks, and capitalism through street violence and protests.

3. You are forgetting Elizabeth Warren, who worked in Obama’s administration and, now, running for the US Senate seat from Massachusetts. She credits herself with having a large influence on the intellectual foundations of the Occupy movement.

4. Remember Frances Piven and her proclamation that the Occupy movement includes “Democrats, Democrat Socialists, Socialists and Communists.” Her rallying cry was, “We can work together, because we have a really huge task before us, transforming America and the World.”

5. Union Bosses, apparently in a relatively few hours, some months ago, were able to rally 10,000 persons to shut down the Oakland, California docks. Vandalism and violence resulted. I recall seeing, on the news, an elderly nurse who stated that she was paid by her union to travel from California to sit in McPherson Park in Washington, DC. She was not alone in representing her union.

There is a little more than fun taking place at the Occupy sites. Rapes, violence, selling and use of drugs, intimidation, looting, destruction of property, interfering with and intimidating local businesses and their customers, shouting hate speech, especially to our Jewish citizens, making life miserable for those who must live near these Occupy sites, fouling the landscape of our cities and costing the taxpayer MILLIONS of hard-earned tax dollars. I would not praise, as you do, a culture that allows this sort of thing to take place with impunity. Indeed, there are MANY associations between those supporting the Occupy squatters and the President of the United States. I find that fact very, very worrisome.

We really give these people way too much credit. Here is my impression of the thought processes of these morons. “Hey man, like wow dude. Life is not fair.” “The Hippies were right man. The Hippies knew, man.” “Hey man, I need to find some more pot.” “I’m hungry.” “I should get some free food, man. Because everything should be free.” You know man, like everything should be free.” “I want a free car, a free house, free college, free food, free pot, free love, and free condoms.” “Yeah man, the Hippies were right.” “Life sucks, America sucks, Republicans sucks, and Wall Street sucks.” “Yeah man. Yeah.” 


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