The Real Life of Julia under Obama

Let’s get real here folks.  This is how Julia’s Life would be under Obama:

Here is the Fantasy Life of Julia that the Obama WebSite presents:


Assuming she is not terminated at birth, here is how Julia’s Life will likely evolve under Obama – courtesy of Tyranny of Political Correctness at

Alternative Julie Julie, age three: Julie is introduced to Marxist-Leninist class warfare theory, Obama/Federal Government/Environment worship, and sex education designed to take away innocence. Of course, the instructors will instill in her the highest standard of self image in the world.

 Julie age seventeen: If Julie survives the Democrat/Union complex public education system, designed to make her a happy, Democrat, valueless, ego-centric voter, the Federal government will help her get into debt to attend colleges staffed by instructors who will increase all of the above attributes and remove any remnants of personal reasoning power that may have survived high school. (This assumes Julie is not pregnant and has not had one or more children by this age, because of the aforementioned sex education begun in Head Start.)

 Julie age eighteen: If Julie was unfortunate enough to have lived in Washington, D.C. and participated in the program that used Federal funds to have inner city kids attend prep schools in the D.C. area, she probably won’t be attending college, because Obama cancelled that program to please his teachers’ union buddies, who contribute large amounts to his election campaigns.

 Julie age twenty two: Unfortunately, this and other Obamacare mandates did not transfer funds to the insurance companies to pay for these additional benefits and they were driven out of business. Julie ends here because she died while waiting for the elective surgery needed to save her life at the government run outpatient surgical clinic. (The surgery was deemed elective by the Government Health Benefits Death Panel.)


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