And the comedy laughs just keep coming. DWS: Says She ‘Earned’ Her Cadillac Health Care Coverage

Washington Free Beacon

Florida Congresswoman and head of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz told a group of South Florida healthcare workers that she has “earned” her extensive federal health benefits after being asked whether average citizens should have access to the same benefits as Congressmen.

She EARNED IT? Every time this person opens her mouth she gives to meaning to “elitism”. The members of Congress were given a pass on the Obama healthcare bill as were others who support Mr. Obama such as unions. Members of Congress are given perks that people who work in the real world couldn’t even dream of having. Members of Congress were given inside information on stocks. Had it been someone in the real world they would be in jail. I earned by healthcare coverage when I was working as did my husband but it wasn’t anything like the “Cadillac “plan of Ms. Wasserman-Schulz and we had to pay over 1/2 of the premiums. Now those who do have healthcare coverage through their employer (most of which they pay a goodly share of the premiums) most likely will lose it and be forced into the Obamacare coverage. The arrogance of this woman, Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reed, and other in Congress never ceases to amaze me and yet there are still many, many out there that will continue to support them. Unbelievable.

Remember folks, she is looking out for your welfare and is therefore entitled to her special healthcare privilege so that she can continue to tell you how lucky you are to have Obamacare.

Look Dems/Progressives etc.  Do you not understand that every time this woman opens her mouth she makes YOU and the entire left look bad?  Not just bad, extremely pathetic.  Someone needs to take her aside tell her thanks for the effort and give her a job where she do less harm.  I don’t know waitress at a Denny’s, backup singer for Jimmy Buffett.  Something, anything but the Dems really need to get this woman out of the public eye.  We conservatives are dying at laughing at DWS.


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