Obama Team Minions out to get the Tea Party

Obama’s acolytes are demonstrating a disturbing trend in creating issues where none exist. First, it was Herman Cain’s unproved and previously unmentioned alleged peccadilloes with subordinates that caused him to withdraw, his accusers mysteriously fading into the mist shortly after. Next, it was the whole birth control issue pulled out of thin air when no one was talking about it. Stephanopoulos threw the question to Romney at a debate out of left field, puzzling everyone. Within a month it was a national news story. In two months, it had turned in to the “Republican War on Women.”

Now, it’s the Tea Party, which has almost completely been out of the news for nearly two years. There have been no major tea party rallies, no big tax day protests, nothing. Yet Occupy Wall Street raises its empty unkempt head again, and what is suddenly an issue? Why, the Tea Party! I see once again something being pulled out of thin air that will be yet another distraction from the dismal Obama record, another false narrative, another enemy to focus on to deflect the heat from The One.

Republicans had better nip this in the bud pronto and figure out how to turn it back on Democrats, or they will find themselves embroiled in another Sandra Fluke circus. Comparing the Tea Party, which Dems condemn, to OWS, which they claim to support, is a good start.

Obama and his Marxist minions have no solution to the mess they’ve created, so they seek to blame others, much as a petulant, undisciplined child would do. The more they scream, “Racist,” the less the impact. It’s a false accusation, and America knows it. Our disagreements with this administration have nothing to do with race and everything to do with policy and issues.

It should be noted that race was the cornerstone of the radical, far-left Weather Underground’s tactics to overthrow our government.

The eternal war between good and evil, in which two of Satan’s (and Sun Tzu’s in “The Art of War”) favorite instruments are lies and deception, is on full display here, to those who will see it for what it is. Obama is but a marionette, whose strings are pulled by calculating powerful men, in the quest for ruination of the “last best hope of mankind.”

God help us, America, please.


One thought on “Obama Team Minions out to get the Tea Party

  1. As a minion in good standing:
    I am not a Marxist.
    Barack is not one too.
    Call us socialists if you will
    Labels do not matter
    To those who care
    Or to those who care to think.
    To a good Christian or Muslim
    Charity is a necessity.
    Fairness, not charity, is what we seek
    Putting the needy before the greedy
    Is our program and our creed
    Doing right for the many
    Not right for the Right few
    It is time to put our differences
    To the side and be done
    The Founding Fathers gave us more than they received
    Let us emulate their vision and their wisdom
    We can/must advance the cause of freedom and equality
    Both here and abroad
    Let us lead by example
    Not by force and bluster
    We can make the US number one again
    In the hearts of all mankind.

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