Cher please STFU and if you don’t like a Mitt Romney Presidency you are free to leave the country.

Cher doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters’

Sure, and this administration approves of abortion, the killing of babies before and possible after birth. You child who changed her sex to a him would have been killed if the Communists way. Have you checked the philosophy of the people chosen by our president?

 If Obama continues the next four years, Cher your children will be paying for the huge additional debt on top of the previous president’s debt.

If you, Cher are so stupid to only read of one side you are missing the horrors of the world. People do not care for others and only love themselves.

Romney couldn’t do any worse than the debt that the President has out to your children and other generations. He had his chance and brought us down and down. He doesn’t care about the freedom of religion, etc. …. Life is Short Eternity is forever, Love not Hate, Follow the Ten Commandments

I guess she is looking for government subsidized Botox and she did such a bang up job of raising her, whatever it is, that she can criticize Romney with several healthy, happy and intelligent children. What a difference in lifestyles and the liberals embrace these people just to get votes and propagate these peoples morals throughout our society with no thought of the lives they impact.

That’s OK if she does not want to breathe the same air. She can go stick her surgically supported nose up the posterior orifice of her favorite lib of the moment and breathe. This woman should be institutionalized. She is a danger to other people with brains and common sense. She can’t figure out if she wants to 26 or 66 yrs. old, so why should anything she says matter to anyone?

Hard working Americans out here on Main Street – pulling our own weight will not take any advice from air head celebrities – probably best to do the opposite – do breath Romney common sense air – after all he is smart, successful, rich, savvy, intelligent, experienced, qualified – let’s breath some of that air – feels good.

Well if she does not want to breathe the same air as Romney or the Tea Baggers then I might suggest her getting a bubble & start living in it. Have news for you Cher. You will be breathing their air just like we have had to do with the Obama’s, the liberals & the Occupiers….

Will never understand why the Hollywood celebrities don’t stick to what they do best and stay out of politics. It does not help them in anyway at the box office, etc., when they offend the same people they need to purchase their projects. She is entitled to her opinion but she is not entitled to pollute the airwaves because she has a loud microphone. Not feeling the love from the same crowd that promotes love, peace and togetherness! 



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